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Joy Unspeakable!

Um,  yeah.  There’s a theme this week:  happy.  Get with it 🙂

We took Chiquita Banana to the fair on Saturday, spent up most of her college savings and had a ball:

One of us was terrified on the haunted house ride. The other...not so much!


Her first driving lesson. You have to push the pedal down honey!


Smoochy and mean-muggin' Lovegirl

Look at the joy on that sweet face!

Happiness = one kid+$7+an inflatable bubble in a pool of water

My mama made me add this one.

This one too...


11 thoughts on “Joy Unspeakable!

  1. Thanks a lot, now that song is in my head, lol. The fair looks like fun (at least for Lovegirl). I’d like to do the water bubble thing myself.

  2. OMG…the bubble thing looks like BIG fun. Would they let people my size get in? I am so childish sometimes, cause I would have been all up in there! LOL

    And why are you not frightened by all of the plastic ghosts, and monsters in the haunted house??? 🙂

  3. Okay, if I were there, I would have been pushing small children out of the way to get in that hamster ball on the water thingie. That looks like so much fun. But that ball also looks like it would be full of germs. But we need germs right? Right!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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