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What’s Going On?

I’ve got a whole lot of ‘nothing happening right about now.  I wish I had awesome stories with which to regale you.  Or a recent trip with pictures just begging to be shared.  But really?  It is slow motion for real!

I am spending this portion of my work day reading RHOA recaps and laughing at pictures from Phaedra’s baby shower.  Is anybody else watching this season?  Those chicks are killing me softly!


17 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. OMG, RHOA is still my guilty little pleasure. Phaedra and Dwight are ridiculously hilarious. Please do yourself a favor and watch the full episode. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. *wearing my shirt that says Team Phaedra*

    Go Phaedra Go!!!! I love this chick. She is so ridiculously over the top. So self absorbed. So boughetto. She is the stuff good tv is made of. I need her in my life on a weekly basis.

  3. watching it now …. Phaedra really ? Where do we even start with this show. I think I have to agree with Kim – just keep drinking

  4. Kim was hilarious! It kills me how high falootin’ Phaedra thinks she is. It didn’t seem as though Apollo was there…I don’t blame him for refusing to be apart of that tomfoolery. Rhinestones on your eyelids? Really Phaedra? Really? Those roses coming outta her head? She reminded me of a reindeer. Her interpretation of the “finer” things scares me.

  5. Girl, you?!? I don’t have a thing to blog about either hence the YT Foolishness

    RHOA, oh how I secretly love loathe those trollops!

    I lost it when the other new chick (I can’t ever seem to recall her name) said that Phaedra and Dwight looked like a black Tammy Faye Baker and Willy Wonka. She wasn’t lying either!!

    Sidenote: Was it just me or did new chick’s future (maybe) husband resemble Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince with those shades on?

    As far as that country bama ass shower goes, I ain’t neva in all my days seent nothing as retarded as that mess. Just BOO.

    Bedazzled false eyelashes

    One dozen roses woven through her hair like it was a damn trellis.

    The Nutcracker (had to agree w\Kim on that one) Dance routine.

    The court jester announcing her arrival like they were at Cinderella’s Ball.

    She is seriously the poster child for folks who act like they ain’t never had NUTHIN!

    NeNe tickled me with her post surgery calls.

    As I suspected, Sheree’s new Dr. Boo is not a doctor. He’s just a hustler doubling as a pervert preying on innocent single black women with his “seminars” *side-eye supreme de’jour”

    Is anyone else bothered by his (lack of) follicle situation on top of his head?


    And now for a musical selection…..

    • The lines? They are forgiven ’cause your observations are spot the hell on! Yep, old boy looked just like a very pissed off Geoffrey!

      If I’da had Smoochy in a limo with Phaedra and Dwight please believe we would not be celebrating our 12th anniversary next year. He either would’ve thrown himself from the limo or pushed me out!

      OMG Fake Dr. needs to accept the recession that is his hairline and just shave it all off!

      Man, I hope that madness comes back on tonight so I can roll with laughter all over again. Phew!

    • Oh TDJ – you gotta give ’em a chance! Last night was the best television I’d seen in a long, long time.

      I haven’t tried BH yet – I’ll probably catch them one weekend and make a decision whether or not I’m going to watch them on the regular. I’m a stan for ATL and NY.

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