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Resistance? Futile.

I have never ever celebrated Halloween.  Ever.  My mama and daddy weren’t having it – believe me – we begged them to let us dress up.  Even when the church had Fall Festivals and non-scary costumes were encouraged they were like “nope.”  Not gonna happen.  The closest we ever came to celebrating Halloween was when somebody at the church threw a Heaven and Hell party.  Oh, there were still no costumes for us and I think we were forced to go to Heaven, but I saw folks parading around with their little devil horns and pitchforks.  Yep, that’s the closest I’ve ever come. 

Until now.  Lovegirl has begged me for the last 2 or 3 years to let her dress up for Halloween.  I was all “uh, uh, no way, we do not celebrate Halloween.”  She asked why.  “Um, because.”  Yeah really?  Not a good answer and I realized I didn’t really have a legitimate reason for not celebrating – all I had was family tradition.  And when I asked my Mom a few days ago why we didn’t celebrate she was like “I didn’t feel like fussing with costumes for 4 kids.”  Excuse me???  All this time I thought my soul would burn in the very depths of Hell if I wore a costume and now you’re telling me you just didn’t feel like dealing with your offspring?!?  Geesh.

So I relented. I told Lovegirl she could get a costume of the non-scary variety and wear it for her school parties today.  But that there would be no trick or treating.  She agreed and the hunt for the perfect costume was on.  P.arty C.ity has lost their mind.  30 or 40 bucks for a costume.  Not happening.  Ditto T.arget and TJ M.axx.  So to W.al Mart we went.  Where we scored a cat fairy costume for the low low of $15.  What is a cat fairy you ask?

Exhibit A:

The Oh-So-Rare Cat Fairy


Have  a great weekend!  I think we’re going to JSU’s Homecoming parade and game and that’s about it.  Peace to you and yours!


14 thoughts on “Resistance? Futile.

  1. Aww! We weren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween either. We grew up in church and were told that it was a pagan holiday that we weren’t to take part in. the only trick or treating I did was to collect coins for Unicef.

  2. Hilarious that your mom just didn’t want to fuss with it and you never knew!

    LG looks so precious! This alone is a good enough reason to dress up in my eyes.

  3. We weren’t allowed dressing up or trick or treating either. I “dressed up” last year but it wasn’t too impressive. This year I have a ridiculous workshop. Who plans a workshop for Halloween? Failure. at. life.

  4. Why is Love Girl so adorably cute?

    I always had the opportunity to dress up for Halloween as a child. It wasn’t until I got older that I was told that it was a pagan holiday reserved for the devil and his worshipers. LOL. But I did let my kiddies dress up as toddlers in non-scary outfits.

  5. I’ve never celebrated it either because it’s the only holiday that doesn’t have a tie back to God. (Unless you’re Mexican in which case it’s called Dia de los muertes and it’s about celebrating your ancestors, which is different than just wearing slutty costumes, which is what I’d be doing if I celebrated it).

    Anyway, I digress. I think that if my husband wants to celebrate it, I’ll relent because SO many people celebrate it and I’ll probably spoil my kids. As an adult though, it’s one of the things that I’ve stuck to my guns about as a Christian and nothing short of Jesus calling to say he thinks it’s fine will get me to put on a costume.

    Sorry for the novel. I guess I should have blogged about this. LOL!

  6. She looks very very cute!

    I’m a God believer myself and I have no issues with halloween. Like its not about evil for me. Its just an excuse to wear a costume and get free candy and that can’t be bad can it? My daughter was born oct 30th 2009 and she has the best birthday and excuse to have a costume party every year lol. Which is what we did for her 1st bday last weekend 🙂 cuteness all around

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