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Tag Team!

So yesterday morning (yep, when I should’ve been in church) I went grocery shopping.  As I’m walking in I can see two dudes – father and son? – standing there staring.  At me.  Um, okay.  So the closer I get, the harder they stare.  I’m slightly creeped out and I start thinking about all the episodes of C.riminal M.inds that I probably shouldn’t have watched and remembering the words of one A.ntoine D.odson “they’re snatching yo people up!”  So they’re staring, I’m walking.

I get to where they are and the older one says “Damn!  That’s a wedding band she’s got on.”  I blink, smile, and head toward the dairy section.

Dear Fred and Lamont:  standing at the grocery store door staring women down trying to find a date for one (both?) of y’all is so not a good idea.


14 thoughts on “Tag Team!

  1. LOL @ this story and S23!! I’ve found with dudes like that it doesn’t really matter what you have one. They will try and holla regardless. At least they respected the fact you are a married woman.

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