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It’s All About The Random

  • Thank you all for your comments on my previous post.  I wasn’t even sure if I’d publish it, but I’m glad I did.  Thank you for your thoughtful responses.
  • I think I’m going to have to cheat on my “buy nothing for myself in November” challenge.  I need a new purse stat.  I bought one a few months ago and it is way too shallow – I can’t even zip the thing up.  I would use an old purse, but yeah, once I’m done with a purse, I’m done.  All my old purses are at Goodwill!
  • I spent most of Tuesday being prodded, poked, and smushed by my doc and various machinery.  If you haven’t had your annual yet – what are you waiting for?  Get down on it!
  • Whatever happened to Adele?  The singer?  I really liked her and haven’t heard anything by her in a while. 
  • There’s a lady in my office (not the Chipmunk) who calls herself mad and not speaking to me.  Newsflash:  she didn’t speak to me anyway.  Come on lady – withholding speech from someone you didn’t speak to anyhow is so not a punishment.
  • I usually have MTV or VH1 on in the mornings – I listen to the music as Lovegirl and I get ready to head out.  Well, the short one has been doing more than listening.  This morning, the commercial for the Fl.irty Girl F.itness video came on…guess who’s goal in life is to twirl on a pole “just like that, Mama!”  Um, hell no.  I guess from here out my janky little AM/FM radio will have to get us crunk in the a.m.!
  • Smoochy has once again gifted me with a flat of eggs.  I still don’t eat eggs.  Sigh.
  • Has anyone read the December issue of E.ssence?  They did a short story on nails/glitter/something.  There’s a picture of a woman’s hands with silver polish on 4 nails and some sort of hologram-y looking thing on her other nail.  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?  If so, what is that hologram thing on her nail?  I think I want one.  If not, carry on…
  • If you don’t read Mrs. TDJ’s blog?  You should.  She did a tribute to a person near and dear to her heart.  Hilarious!
  • I think I had more randoms, but I’ve got to head out to Lovegirl’s parent/teacher conference.  So, until next time – peace be with you!

9 thoughts on “It’s All About The Random

  1. -Girl don’t be scared. You just gotta put it out there!
    -Adele has a new cd coming out soon.
    -Desires to twirl on the pole is definitely a good reason to kill the tv music in the morning.

  2. Did she tell you she wasn’t talking to you? LOLOL! Did you learn nothing about Chris Rock?? YOUR ONLY JOB IS TO KEEP HER OFF THE POLE!!! SMH. Bambi tribute? I like to died!! Didn’t you cheat on the last 3 buying freezes?? Send the eggs to my house. Thanks!

    • Hah! No, she didn’t. I spoke, she didn’t. When I got ready to leave I spoke, she didn’t. I get the hint! Okay, fine – I’ll just look for a purse!!! 3? Really? Oh that I could.

    • Thanks! Guess I won’t be getting that after all – I refuse to pay to get my nails done. But I am all over the other suggestions/styles they made. I’m going to try the moon thingie.

  3. There’s something similar to the Minx nails @ Sephora that you can do yourself. They have some pretty swanky ones for the holiday season.
    I’m going to need Lovegirl to aspire to something a little different. Maybe she can teach the pole girls about the Lord.
    Adele has this song with David Merriweather? FIRE. I think it’s called “Water and A Flame.”

  4. I found the cutest purse at TJ Maxx last week. It’s gray with tiny silver studs. I’m pretty rough on bags, so I’ll have to be mindful not to use it everyday.

    What in the world is she mad about?

    Not the pole!

    The latest Bambi post literally had me in tears. I sounded like such a coon but the laugh was soooooooooooo worth it.

  5. I’m the hunt for a new purse too. It’s my mission for this weekend. Good luck to you as well.

    LOL @ the non-speaker being mad and CONTINUING to not speak. Scary, no? Imagine if she started speaking. THAT would be torturous.

    Wish I was closer, I’d surely take some of those eggs off your hands.

    Thanks for the shout out!! Even though today is her last day, I’ve got stories a plenty for the next few weeks.

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