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Monday Morning Randoms

  • Saturday Lovegirl and I got up and headed over to the football stadium to partake in the Soul Bowl (JSU v ASU) festivities.  We met Smoochy there and tailgated for a while and then headed into the game where JSU reigned supreme.  Somewhere in there I took my first (and last) jello shot. 
  • If you’re ever at a JSU tailgate and a semi-toothless man named “Huckabuck” offers you a shrimp skewer?  Take it.  That thing was the bomb!
  • Saturday night one of my friends threw herself a birthday party.  At the skating rink. On the drive there I was on the phone complaining about how tired I was and how much I didn’t want to go.  I had a ball!  I am the same lousy skater that I was when I last put on skates however many years ago, but I did manage not to fall and that was my ultimate goal.
  • Sunday while talking to Pserendipity I may or may not have mentioned that Lovegirl was wearing a hooker skirt.  I heard a little voice in P’s background pipe up and say something like “me too.”  Note to self:  stop talking crazy to folks with new cars with fancy dan bluetooth technology!
  • Smoochy has lost 42 pounds!!!  Did you hear me?  I said Smoochy lost 42 pounds!!!  I am so excited.  But sad to say that I didn’t even notice.  I wasn’t trying to hurt his feelings, but he has quite a bit to lose and I really couldn’t tell.  I did tell him that I was proud of him and the work that he’s putting in and I will support him however he needs me to.  I’m so happy.
  • Are y’all watching RHOA?  Yeah, I know I ask every week.  Those chicks are ca-ra-zy!!  If you’re not watching I really don’t understand why – this has got to be the best thing on television.  Got to be!
  • My Klymaxx radio station is jamming.
  • I’m thinking about not buying any of the adults in my family a gift and getting someone I know who is having a hard time a gift card instead.  Would you ever do this?  Would your family trip?
  • Oh my.  Somebody just sent me a text message from way out in left field.  I am most uncomfortable.  I gotta go.

16 thoughts on “Monday Morning Randoms

  1. Congrats to Smoochy!

    I was thinking about Klymaxx the other day. Do you have the YGG soundtrack since LoveGirl is a fan? There is a song on there called “Nice N Clean” that I swear mimics Klymaxx’s “Meeting In The Ladies Room”. The part where she’s talking at the beginning. He says something about being a “VCB…Very Clean Boy” The lady in Klymaxx says something similar at the beginning.

    Listen to the two songs…it is hilarious!

  2. Listen to me. Never…ever…skip a party at the skating rink. That place is fun!!

    Congrats to Smoochy!!

    I am still batting for Phaedra. Every single thing she says is golden. Even down to calling her newborn baby “gross”. I heart her.

    Please reveal the contents of the text message.

    • Message received.

      I couldn’t believe she called her baby gross. That chick is crazy. And so is her mama if she thinks that girl delivered a 7 month gestation baby!

      I probably will. Probably.

  3. OMGEEEEEEEEEEE! You met Huckabuck???????? Girl my family STANS for JSU. That’s the home home town! LOL!

    Congrats to Smoochy that’s Fantastic!

    The skating rink is all kinds of fab fun!

    I think charity is honorable. I would probably get the fam little trinkets of lurve!

  4. Woo hoo to Smoochy!! That’s amazing! Don’t worry about not noticing, just keep encouraging.

    I hate when I don’t realize that I’m on speakerphone. Hello foot? Please meet mouth.

    Bwhahaha @ your shrimp skewer from Huckabuck!! Hmm, even though I’m a germaphobe I might try that since the grill should kill off any random nastiness.

  5. 42 pounds??? Go Smoochy!!! You’re too old to enjoy a jello shot. Sorry. But I am, too if it’s any consolation. Why is your radio station spelled like that and called that? Is it run by a 13yo boy? I would trip. i ain’t got no kids. GIFT ME!!

    • Too old to enjoy a jello shot? Let me go ahead and make reservations at Applebee’s right now!

      How young are you?!? You don’t know the group Klymaxx? Meeting In the Ladies Room? The Men All Pause? Geesh!

      No ma’am!

  6. “I’m thinking about not buying any of the adults in my family a gift and getting someone I know who is having a hard time a gift card instead. Would you ever do this? Would your family trip?”

    The adults in our family didn’t exchange gifts last year and we were just fine. I saw the Christmas tree at Wally World the other day and thought about skipping the kids this year too…..so that I can give to the less fortunate of course.

  7. Congrats to Smoochy!!! That is just wonderful. Especially right before the holidays when we all pack on the pounds.

    I do watch the Housewives. They are next-level nuts, especially Camille. I should start doing a weekly round up on those nuts.

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