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He Said, She Said. For K. Rock!

He said:  You look damn good to me!  Just saying.

She said:  Um, thanks.  I think.

He said:  Kinda awkward, huh?  I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a while.  But we’ve always been like brother and sister.

She said:  Way awkward.

He said:  I’m sorry.  I just wanted to tell you.  We still cool?

She said:  We’re good.

He said:  Damn.  I’m sorry.  You’re mad.

She said:  I’m not mad.  Just surprised.  Wasn’t expecting that.  From you.

He said:  S***

She said:  We’re good.  Stop tripping.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  We whipped y’alls ass.  But neither one of us is going to the SWAC.

He said:  I know, right?  Who you got?  Alabama or TSU?

She said:  I’mma ride with Alabama on this one.

He said:  You funny!

She said:  Oh yeah.  Hilarious.

Hell, maybe men and women can’t just be friends.


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said. For K. Rock!

  1. Whoa! He took it there. Umm yeah…i would say that is definitely a left-field email. Now you know when you are hanging out doing “brother and sister” type things, he is sizing you up! Awwwwwwwkwardddd.

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