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End Of The Work Week Randoms

  • Apparently this year?  I’m making my own cranberry sauce.  Thanks Pserendipity for planting the idea in my feeble little mind! 
  • Other items on the menu:  cornish hens, dressing, collard greens, baked mashed potatoes, fake red lobster biscuits, individual sweet potato pies, cheesecake. 
  • I’m baking today.  Cooking tomorrow. 
  • When you’re hot?  You’re hot!  Apparently I am sizzling.  This older white man that I used to work with saw me in the halls this morning.  He whistled, told me I picked up a little weight in all the right places and that I look damn good.  I’mma start hanging out in the halls when I’m feeling down and need an ego boost.
  • I want to see B.urlesque.  Yeah, the movie with C.hristina A.guilera and C.her.  Don’t judge me!
  • Yay!  My parents should be back on American soil in the next few hours.  They’ve been halfway around the world – Amsterdam, Egypt, Turkey… they said it was fantastic and I have no doubt that it was.  I’m glad they had a good time but I miss my Mama and I’m ready to talk to her on the regular again.
  • Why is my child walking around sounding like a character in a Dickens novel?  Her new word?  Well, contraction?  “Twas.”  “Do you think ’twas cold the first Thanksgiving?”  “I knew ’twas almost time for my bath, so I got my pajamas together.”  Etc., etc.  She is killing me!
  • Does anybody like Bit-O-Honey candy?  Smoochy and Lovegirl swear it is the nastiest stuff ever – I love it!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Take a few minutes to reflect on the many, many blessings in your life.  God’s grace and mercy are but two of the things for which I am truly thankful this year.  Be blessed!


10 thoughts on “End Of The Work Week Randoms

  1. You know what? LMAO!! That darn Lovegirl continues to crack me up! She sounds very much like me when I was growing up. We onlies had to be much more creative and entertain ourselves.

    Never tried my own cranberry sauce, but I’ve heard it’s easy. Good luck with that.

    Go head hot mamma!! That’s definitely the kind of pick me up we all could use!

    Bit-o-honey’s are AWESOME! High five to you and BOO to Smoochy and Lovegirl!

    Blessings to you and your family as well!

  2. ‘Twas? Dying over here! Hilarious!!

    My mom likes Bit O’ Honey. I don’t. Gimme a Payday or a miniature Reese Cup and I’m happy as a flea in a jacket.

  3. Dang Nerdgirl what is you doing over there? You got the dudes falling all over themselves. And what do old white men know about “weight in all the right places”? Lol!

    Lovegirl is the best. We should all take a note from her and use twas in our everyday conversation. I really think she’s on to something.

    Bit-O-Honey = Bit-O-Nasty

  4. I’m working REALLY hard not to be a jerk right now. Okay I’m working barely and failing. I should really be more pleasant. ROTFL @ twas! Yo baby is off the chain! I see why your mom calls her Precocious MS! Make sure when you’re waiting in the hall you’re bent over or got half a hip tooted up. I wanna see Burlesque, too! I don’t like cranberry sauce enough to consider making it… altho… If someone really wants it next year, I love the idea of something I can make days in advance and not worry about again.

  5. A Dickens character???? That’s too cute. I’m DYING! LOL!

    Alright now don’t hurt em! You gettin it this week!

    I’m baking today cooking tomorrow too!

    Ewwwww! Bit O Honey!

  6. Hey Lovegirl is just getting ready for ’twas the night before Christmas’. Cut her some slack yo! LOL

    I doubt if any of the dudes I work with would say something like that since we are in the midst of sexual harassment training. LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. I know it twas easy for you to know I twasn’t cooking or baking a thing. And for this I (and others) are most thankful. However, your daddy made an awesomely different and wonderfully delicious pie. I think it could actually be classified as healthy. Only he could manage such a dish.

    Tis in Lovegirl’s blood to express herself in creative, unique ways.

    Glad you’re looking so good. Can’t wait ’til I see and the short one.

    Twas a blast in every city and country we visited. Twas a long time not to talk regularly. Tis over now and we’re back on the regular. Tis all good!

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