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Like Butta Baby!

Oh Em Gee!  I’ve finally found a routine for washing/conditioning/detangling Lovegirl’s hair that leaves both of us happy!  Like to hear it?  Here it goes:

Shampoo – Creme of Nature detangling shampoo

Conditioner – Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner

Detangle – Kinky Curly Knot Today

I got her hair washed, conditioned, detangled and styled with nary a tear or an “ouch”  and I haven’t been able to do that for about a year since her hair started getting really, really thick.  This is truly the answer to a prayer.  For those of you looking for a routine for your daughter (or yourself) I highly recommend trying the above.

Speaking of hair, I’m really thinking of chopping my locs off.  I’ve been thinking this more and more frequently over the last couple of months – even dreamed about it a few weeks ago.  I told Smoochy.  He voted no.  The only thing really holding me back?  I’m not a short hair kind of girl.  I like my hair to at least brush my shoulders and I’m not sure how I’d handle having a teeny weeny afro.  Probably about as well as I handled the bob I cut my hair into after I graduated college.  I cried.  And cried.  And cried.  I’m surprised Smoochy didn’t break up with me I was such a pain.  Anyhoo, it’s hair and it grew back and if I chop these locs off, my hair will grow back.  Right?  Right.  Right???

But on to what really matters.  Tonight:  TOP CHEF MASTERS!!!


23 thoughts on “Like Butta Baby!

  1. My daughter has really really thick hair as well and I HATE HATE HATE detangling her hair. I’m writing this down as I type to try on Ryann’s hair.

  2. At right around age 9 or 10, my hair got really thick and unruly. I remember crying when my mother had to comb my hair. I remember begging her to use the brush not the comb. I remember all the times she’d hit my hand with the comb because I kept reaching up to block her from doing my hair. Now my hair is thin and lame and I wish I could have that thick hair I had as a child.

  3. I will have to look for that Knot Today. I have never heard of that.

    I am going through “to cut or not to cut” with my locs too. And like you, I am NOT going to short hair. My locs come down my back past my bra strap so here is what I was gonna do. Cut them up to my shoulders and then pick them out. I have done it before with my husbands locks. It may take me a couple of weeks but at least I wont have to go back to a TWA.

    Top chef Masters!! I almost forgot. THanks for the reminder.

  4. Herbal Essences has never let me down. I heart all their stuff. Congrats on finding a way to make your Sunday’s go smoother.

    What are you going to do, grow new locs? Rock a natural? Permage?

    I’m going to watch Top Chef. But only because of Tiffany. And she’d better win this one, because I can’t take any more heartbreak!

  5. Cut your locs off? But why? Have you considered color or a new style or cut? I’m always sad to see nice locs go…I feel like everyone should keep them until mine grow to their length, lol.

    Waiting to hear if we’re having a girl…then the struggle will begin.

    • I dunno – I’m kind of bored. I guess I should play around with them some. All I do now is pull them up in a high pony or wear them out. Maybe I’ll try curling them this weekend.

      I didn’t know you were expecting – congratulations!

      Lovegirl’s hair was really, really easy for the first 4, 4.5 years then it just got thick and tangled overnight and I went from being able to just run a comb through it to having to detangle and all that jazz. I’m hoping this new routine will hold us for a while – makes all the difference!

    • It’s not the length – I really wish they were longer. I just feel blah about them. I’ve been thinking about coloring them. Do you color yours? Is it harder to keep them moisturized if you do?

      • Coming back to reply on this one (and thank you for the baby congrats). I started coloring mine after the first year. I didn’t notice any moisture issues. My loctician recommends to Clairol Textures and Tones line…I’m Light Golden Brown.

  6. I use creme of nature shampoo on my daughter and my hair. I love it. Her hair doesn’t tangle so I use Kinky Curly Tiny Twirls. I love both products.

    I have Knot Today and it makes my tangles almost fall out.

  7. I must get some of this Knot Today and I heard the Hello Hydration was really moisturizing, and I need that too. Thanks!!

    My sister colors her locs all the time. Lots of pretty colors. She’s cherry red, burgendy, purple, then orange o_O, then blonde then honey brown, and regular brown etc. I think it’s really cute except for the orange. She deep conditions a lot to keep her hair healthy.

    Top Chef Masters!!!!!!!! Tiffannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny! LOL!

    • Hmmm. Maybe color is the answer I’m looking for. I wonder if I can put in a rinse? I’ve been scared to dye because I’m not sure if I want to keep up the root maintenance/have two toned hair.

  8. Hey, sorry I’m so late, but do you use a leave in for LoveGirl, and if so, what kind?

    I use CON for the girls, but since they got the new bottle, I think the formula changed.


    • I rinse out most, but not all, of the Hello Hydration – so that serves as her leave in. I’ve read of people who use the Knot Today as a conditioner/leave in so I guess that counts too though my sole reason for using the Knot Today is as detangler.

  9. i need to try some of that on my own hair. Mine is curly/wavy but it tangles a lot and I shed like crazy after washing.

    I got lucky that Jas had hair like mine. I don’t know if I could handle it if it was extra thick. She already hates for me to comb it but she has way too much of it already for me to leave it be. I miss her curly fro sometimes. I could headband it and go. Now I have to do ponytails.

  10. I had to go back and look, but I did a post about hair on the same day. Ah, great minds. Herbal Essences hello hydration is my new best friend.

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