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Random All Up and Through Here

  • Pserendipity straight clowned me the other day for saying I needed to be at the airport 2+ hours early when Lovegirl and I fly home for Christmas.  I’ve been in Jackson for 11 years – I still act like I’m flying out of LAX.  My bad.  How early do you get to the airport?
  • I’ve got some money left in my cafeteria plan at work – if I don’t use it I’ll lose it.  So I figured I’d get a new pair of locs glasses.  Once you add in the thin lenses so I don’t look like Hans Moleman on the Simpsons, the anti glare and the transitional lens treatment?  The dang thangs are gonna cost me over $500.  How can that possibly be right?  Is this “average” for a pair of glasses now?  What’s really going on?
  • I was so hyped for Top Chef All Stars that I…promptly fell asleep on it.  Sad, I know.  I had to catch up on the second showing.  Anyhoo, I was worried about Tiffany and am glad that she wasn’t in the bottom three.  I hope Tre sticks around for a while too – nice!
  • Lovegirl walked up to me yesterday and said “Mama, sometimes I don’t speak right, but yet I know what I’m talking about.”  Why is this little girl quoting WAR’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” 
  • The other day Smoochy said he’d been thinking and that we need to start going to church as a family.  He knew that Lovegirl and I weren’t going as often so we could be with him before he left on Sundays.  I was all geeked that my prayers had been answered.  I asked him what time he wanted me to wake him up on Sunday.  He was like “oh, not now.  I’m thinking we should start in 2011.”  o_O
  • Smoochy has been after me to tell him what I want for Christmas.  Really, the answer is nada.  The only thing I really want is hardwood floors/tile throughout the house which we totally cannot afford right now.  So now I’ve got to think of something to want.  Which strikes me as beyond ridiculous.
  • Today I met one of the doctors who I only “know” via email and really liked.  She gave me the dead fish handshake – probably the worst one I’ve ever had.  I don’t like her anymore.
  • This morning on the drive in there was a traffic update warning drivers of a goat and two horses in the road!
  • I’ll spend this weekend shuttling my little party animal from birthday party to birthday party.  Any free time will be spent working on my November goals – which have totally turned into my December goals since I accomplished nada last month!

Have a wonderful weekend.  Be well!


13 thoughts on “Random All Up and Through Here

  1. I try to get to the airport about 1.5-2 hours early too. I would rather be there and hang out rather than rush. Atl airport has lots to see…I don’t know if Jackson’s does though.

    My glasses cost about $400 but thanks to vision insurance I ended paying on $100. My contacts however, cost a little over $500 for 4 pair. I’m blind as a bat.

    I fell asleep on TC too. I saw the first half hour. I will watch it On Demand. I was sure you guys would spoil it for me but so far so good.

  2. You’re not alone. I leave the house like 22 hours early for the half-hour drive to the airport. I’d much rather get there early and sit around for two hours than to be all stressed out rushing to get there. Thing is, even when I leave early, I’m still stressed about getting to the airport. I can’t help myself.

  3. I am always at the airport at least an hour and a half before my flight. I watch too many shows in which airlines overbook , and people cant get on the flight that they paid for . No sir. I will be at the airport , and I will be on the flight I paid for .

    Geesh 500 for some glasses ? Im glad my vision is pretty good , because Im pretty sure I would have had a heart attack when they told me that price

  4. Hmmmm….what’s really going on with TC? I fell asleep too – maybe it comes on too late. Yep, its hard to find nice frames for the low-low so glasses are gonna cost. how about about an e-reader for christmas or did you already get one? I can’t remember.

  5. We get to the airport an hour and a half ahead of schedule, and we fly out of JFK. We’ve only missed one flight, and that’s because we were hanging out in Borders.

    That sounds about right for glasses. Thank God I was blind enough that they suggested LASIK. Best thing I’ve ever done.

    Boo for dead fish handshakes. Was her hand cold and clammy too?

  6. Glasses are too darn expensive. Two pair, with insurance, cost me about $250. Thin lenses, anti reflective glass, etc. Cha ching!

    But of course I’m DVRing TC All Stars!! So super excited about this season!! I love Tiffany, but I have some others to cheer for as well.

    LOL!!! I’m MAD that the most traffic you have to worry about is a damn goat and two horses!! BOO!!

  7. well I would be flying out of LAX but I only get to the airport and hr MAYBE an hr and a half early. Now with a baby, I think I’d get there even earlier.

    Glasses are hella expensive which is why I haven’t been back to the eye doctor yet lol

    *sigh* so I have a few years before my child gets all random on me is what you’re saying? lol She’s 13 months and she already yapps!

    I’m trying to get back to church myself, if only I could wake up on sundays!

  8. We get to the airport a couple of hours early too. Better safe than sorry.

    I can’t remember how much my glasses costs (it’s been a few years) but after she got done tacking all those extra costs on I was ready to tell her to keep them.

    I fell asleep on Top Chef too!!! It was right after the commercials started airing before the last segment when they announced who lost. I saw the repeat last night though. I don’t think I watched much of the season (if any) ole girl was on because I don’t remember her at all.

    There was a cow on the interstate by the airport last week.

  9. I usually get tot he airport just in the nick of time…like 45 minutes to 60 minutes before my flight leaves. I’d rather be rushing than sitting there waiting…terrible I know.

    I laughed out loud at the traffic alert, lol…why are farm animals in the streets??

    Have a super weekend!

  10. I arrive about 45 minutes to 20 minutes early. I make it 90% of the time. A

    Its rough spending hours at the airport with babies, so I choose the rush. The airline people laugh because I leave the late check in tag on my suitcase.

  11. So we don’t still have to arrive 2 hrs early for the pat down, strip search and wanding???? LOL! Good to know.

    Girl Smoochy is thinking ahead! Startin FRESH! Ya’ll “going to heaven in 2011” You know how every New Year we get a new saying at church!!! LOL!

    And I’m hollering at the animals in the road! REALLY?????? Oh Gawd! LOL!

    I love that Lovegirl is so social! Love it!

  12. ROTFL @ Jackson. I go for 1.5hrs. Glad the lowest grocery store glasses are too strong for me. I don’t want to drop 500 on anything less than a trip to out of the US. How does a cafe plan lead to glasses?????? Top Chef All-Stars gives me life!!! Dead @ start in ’11.

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