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My Answers To Yesterday’s Questions

Have you ever heard the song “T.ardy for the P.arty” anywhere but on Bravo?   Nope.

Roughly how much money do you think parents “should” spend on Christmas gifts for their child(ren)?  A week’s salary?  A month’s?  However much is in your Christmas Club account?   I don’t have a set amount.  I did raise my eyebrows when a coworker told me how much she spent, but then figured it was truly none of my bizness!  Her number?  $1500.  Which is pretty close to her monthly salary.

If your child started crying at a birthday party because they’d run out of game tokens, how would you handle?  I told Lovegirl to hush it up and be thankful for the tokens she had and the tickets she’d won.  And that she could straighten up or we could break camp.  Smoochy told me I was too harsh and should’ve just broken her off a few more tokens.

Have you seen K.eri H.ilson’s new video (totally NSFW!!!)?  Thoughts?  Yes.  She is really, truly doing too much

Do you go to your office Christmas party?  I almost always went to my old department’s party – big fun!  I haven’t ever been to my current department’s party – still debating on whether or not to go this year.

How much actual work would you say you do on your job each week?  5 hours.  Maybe.

If you’ve started Christmas shopping have you bought more for yourself or more for others?  Others.  Though I’ve actually seen a lot of stuff I want. 

Do you expect your S/O to know what you want for Christmas/other gift giving occasions?  Hecks no.  He asks, I tell.  Well, when I have something to tell that is.

Do you have any peep toe boots?  Do you add tights in cold weather?  No.  N/A.

What color(s) dominate your wardrobe?  Various shades of black and brown.


10 thoughts on “My Answers To Yesterday’s Questions

  1. $1500? It ain’t my business either but you can guaran-damn-tee that I don’t plan on ever spending that much on Christmas presents….especially for one person….morspecially a kid. Da phuck?

    I obviously prefer your approach to token-gate. LOL

    5 hours\week….*sigh* I miss my (extensive) downtime. Once the holidays have passed I will hopefully find a good balance of downtime and phuckery time.

    • It aint tricking if you got it. She aint got it. Aint no way!

      LOL @ token-gate.

      I’m trying to find a job that will kick my average up to 15-20 hours of actual work a week. There’s only so much internet I can surf!

  2. 1500 just sounds dumb to me. But whatevs. Lol

    I like how you handled the token situation. That’s the same thing I would have done.

    You guys really don’t like color huh? Lol I feel like an odd ball now.

  3. was that 1500 an EXPERIENCE like going to another country , versus some dumb games? I could even see if that was a computer- very high end one.

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