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TGIF. Especially Since I Thought Today Was Thursday!

  • So today I decided to step out of my comfort zone by wearing a dress and patterned tights.  Why are my legs (bottom half) so skinny that you can’t even tell the tights have a pattern? I could’ve saved two bucks and just bought plain black tights.
  • One of my FB friends posts her s e x drive percentage every day.  I’m not sure why she thinks anyone but her husband cares.  I’m about to hide her.
  • Lovegirl got another write up this week.  For talking, being disruptive, being disrespectful…I wanted to cry. 
  • One of my friends is in the hospital.  She didn’t want anybody to know.  I don’t understand that.  I understand you don’t want everybody and their mama dropping in, but to go into the hospital for a major procedure and not tell anyone ’cause you don’t want to bother them?  Negative.  I went to see her yesterday – she was still knocked out.  I’m going back today.  She can get mad if she wants to.
  • December, much like the rest of 2010 is flying by.  I’m so behind.
  • I really, really, really need The Chipmunk to stop listening to all my telephone conversations.  You know what, that’s not even true.  I need her to stop commenting on the conversations she’s listening to.  I can’t hang up good before she’s saying “ooooh, did I hear you say you’re flying into Ontario?”  Um…
  • Okay, it is obvious that I need new FB friends.  One of my friends just posted that she’ll be giving out coupons from coupon.com for Christmas.  No ma’am.  I’m almost positive your recipients would rather get a heartfelt “Merry Christmas” and a big hug!  Coupons????
  • Anybody read anything good (in paperback) lately?  I’m looking for some good reading material for the plane.
  • Smoochy and his people are the only folks I know who eat and like those chocolate covered cherries that pop up this time of year.  Anybody else eat them?  I’ve never tried them and have no desire to (but I totally would if I were on The A.mazing Race Mrs. TDJ!)

‘Tis all!  Have a wonderful weekend.  If your weather is anything like ours?  Stay cool, then stay warm.  Peace.


10 thoughts on “TGIF. Especially Since I Thought Today Was Thursday!

  1. Lol at your non-patterened tights. Might have to try some from the kids section.

    Lovegirl will get it together. Don’t be sad.

    I have a friend that likes to keep stuff secret too and it bugs the mess out of me. Who would think that caring about a friend is a burden? If I’m ever in the hospital, I’m telling everybody! Worry about me dammit!

  2. What is it with kids and kindergarten? The kid was doing good and now beginning to slack up. I need some assistance.

    I had a friend guy like that, he has surgery on his heart and didn’t even tell his family. I did my best to not cuss him out.

    I have eaten the cherries before, but it was way back when I was younger.

  3. Its must be kindergarten cut up time. My son received a sad face for talking.

    The last book that I read that was school related was It’s Your Time by J.oel Ostee.n … It was a great book

  4. I think the babies need a break. They get excited that Christmas is coming and they talk A LOT. Don’t be sad. Lovegirl is doing what all the others are doing too, and she’ll get back on track.

    I hate the secrets! Everybody wants to keep secrets my cousin had cancer and kept it a secret until we could see he was sick and he had no choice. He passed away and his kids (who lived in another city) had just found out he even had cancer, so they had no adjustment time or nothing. It was a mess! Still is!

    December, 2010 going to fast for me. Those chocolate cherries are gross. I tried one as a child and thought I would die!

  5. I hate secrets about health. I agree that not everyone needs to know , but your friends should know. I didnt talk to my one friend for 2.5 years , because she had a series of health issues and didnt want people to know. Um you were in a wheelchair for 2 years , dont you think you should tell your best friend that

  6. Poor thing! I LOVE TIGHTS! PATTERNS! COLORS! FABRICS! Over s e x e d posters are likely to get deleted! I mean… did you tell us you were going to Ontario? Jackson is too cold!! I’m postponing my trip until you straighten up!! Coupons = wack. I’m glad you’re ignoring your friend’s wishes!! I really doubt she’ll be mad at you.

  7. Love patterned tights!! Try another pattern. 😀

    Sex drive %-age? Da hell? FB is the debbil in a blue dress.

    “ooooh, did I hear you say you’re flying into Ontario?”
    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This has tickled my soul to pieces!!!

    Chocolate covered cherries gross me out on so many levels, especially knowing that a maraschino cherry lurks on the inside. YUCKY!!!

  8. My dad used to give me those cherries when I was a kid. I always happened to misplace them. How does a 10 yr-old misplace candy? Yeah…lol

  9. Lovegirl and Bird and two peas in a pod right now. I’m crying for the teacher. She’s had 3/4 calls home.

    I feel so bad for your friend, I’ll keep in her my prayers, BUT, put her in a head lock if you have to. What she gon do?

    Her secks percentage…really?

    PLEASE PASS THE PAUSE BUTTON! I can’t take this

    patterned tights+small legs= no pattern? Say it ain’t so!

    I can’t take The Chipmunk. Hit her with some passive aggressiveness if you hate to. She’s gotta stop.

    I love the Amazing Race! Who wants to do it? We could be cast as “blogger friends”

  10. I just got some chocolate covered strawberries as a gift from an intern. I’m going to kill these things. They aren’t my favorite like Turtles, but they get the job done when you want a sweet fix.

    I’m glad you wore a dress. I’m prissy and dainty, so I love dresses. Howsoever, this Chicago weather says it’s time out for all that. LOL!

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