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These Are My Confessions

  • I love The Sing Off on N.B.C.  Monday and Wednesday nights?  Yeah, I’m planted in front of the TV watching acapella groups battle it out.  Love it!
  • I’ve spent a large portion of the work day printing out worksheets and activities to keep Lovegirl busy on our flight.  I love that girl, but I really cannot see myself talking listening to her for 12 straight hours!
  • I am so unbelievably excited to be going home and having the majority of my family there!  I really can’t wait for the cousins (Lovegirl and my brother’s two) to be able to hang out!
  • I am also excited that…drumroll please…The Chipmunk has found a new job!  Whoo hoo!  She’s going back to the classroom, and that is where she belongs!  I really do wish her well.  And even though her absence means I’m gonna have to work until 4:30 until we find a new secretary I am glad she’s on her way outta here!!!
  •  I can live in a less than tidy house, but can’t come home to one.  Before we go on vacay?  The house will be darn near pristine.
  • My cousin called last night and was telling me she’d bought a second hand refrigerator and that she was tired because she had to spend hours cleaning it.  She said “I don’t think those people ever cleaned the top of their refrigerator.  Disgusting.”  Note to self:  clean top of refrigerator.  Who knew?
  • I have been doing line dances for exercise.  The Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble, the Electric Slide.  I’m having big fun, but burning nary a calorie. 
  • I love Wacka Flocka’s “No Hands.”  Wale’s verse?  Brings me joy.

Whatcha got?


16 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions

  1. I loves me a good line dance…but, nary a calorie? 😦 I always feel a nice burn in my quads when I do the Cupid Shuffle. I guess it’s for nothing, but that won’t stop me. lol

    I feel the same way you do about No Hands AND Wale’s verse. *singing* I think I, deserve a chance. That song gets me moving. I need to add it to my running playlist….

    Yay for time with family! Here’s to traveling grace for you, Lovegirl, and all of your loved ones. 😀

  2. I watched sing off for the first time last night and it was pretty good. Too bad I missed the whole thing.

    I was watching VH1 Soul and they were playing MC Hammer videos. Now if there is one thing I can’t resist, it is dancing to MC Hammer. I swear I burned off like 300 calories dancing to 4 Hammer videos. I was sweaty when I finished. So in conclusion, dancing works.

  3. I tried watching the sing off show Monday and last night. I just can’t get with it but I love Glee. Go figure.

    Yes ma’am. Please clean the top. LOL

    “I love Wacka Flocka’s “No Hands.” Wale’s verse?”

    You and Mistah. I like the beat but didn’t even know they were talking about skrippers until he told me the other day.

    And now for a musical selection…….

  4. I haven’t looked at Wale the same since “Shades.” He just sounded so bitter about light skinned women. Anyway, I (and by I, I mean hubby) should probably clean the top of the fridge. Who knows what lurks up there? Safe travels! I’ve been feeling the urge to go somewhere…anywhere lately.

    • Really? He had another song that I did like, but I can’t remember the title (or even a line from it). I’ve never heard Shades, but I’ll listen as soon as my current obsession with No Hands is up!

      Thank you! Hopefully you’ll scratch your travel itch soon.

  5. Haven’t watched Sing Off. I just can’t add another show right now. I just CAN’T.

    Adios Chipmunk!

    Wale does nothing for me. He’s cool in all the go-go songs that I hear here in DC, but that’s it. I think his flow really matches go-go beats, but I’m unimpressed with him in regular rap songs.

    Really?? You’re not burning any calories?? Are ya sure? Seems like a good workout.

  6. I can’t get with The Sing Off. But I don’t like any of the other talent shows out there like American Idol and America’s Got Talent and whatever else. But for some reason, I love Wipeout and I know that show is just ridiculous.

    I’m the same way. I’m going out of town for a four-day weekend and the house is getting a no-joke cleaning tonight. Vacuuming, mopping, fresh sheets, the works.

    Clean the top of the fridge? What for? The top of my fridge will stay nice and filthy because I’m not cleaning it. Ha.

  7. * I want to buy three ipods for presents, but for the life of me cannot figure out if I have to purchase the same song three times from itunes to go on each one.

    *I have self diagnoised my own self with ulcers. I need to go to the doctor, but not till after Christmas. Yogurt will have to do till then.

    *I love Nelly’s new song.

    *I am so glad I set my Christmas Club to transfer over tomorrow. I’ve found some great deals late in the holiday season.

    That’s all for me!

    Have a safe trip, and yeah…the tops of the fridges are magnets for filth. (I just wiped mine down before I posted:;*})

    • if the ipods are going to people in the same household , ie they will be using the same computer – you only have to buy the song once. The computer can sync it to I think up to 5 different ipods .

  8. I’ma tell Lovegirl mommy wants to have girl time with her THE WHOLE FLIGHT!! So make sure she gets her rest so she can hang w/mommy!! LOLOL Awwww Chipmunk. 😦 Bye. We hope NG can find something to blog about w/o you! I also hate coming home to a dirty house. THE WORST!! You don’t clean the top of the fridge daily? SMH.

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