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Santa, Baby!

Yay!  I got my Blogworld Secret Santa gift on Saturday.  I was so excited to see the box on my doorstep and even more excited when I ripped that bad boy open!

My Secret Santa has been paying attention and gifted me with two bottles of OPI nail polish (one red, one blue) and the cutest little clutch/wallet that I plan to use the next time I go out!  Love, love, love this gift!  I’m going to do a mani/pedi on Tuesday and I plan on rocking the blue – hard!  I love nail polish and I love cute wallets.  When I say this gift was fabulous and right up my alley, I mean it.  Thanks so much Ms. Claus!

I have narrowed my Secret Santa down to one of these two ladies:  Coco or Keyalus.   Can’t wait for P’s reveal so I know how right (or wrong) I am!

Thank you again – I really appreciate it!


9 thoughts on “Santa, Baby!

    • There was a note with clues – Santa is from Florida if I recall but lives in the ATL. I don’t know where either Coco or Keyalus are originally from. Oh yeah – I’m something like a genius!!! 🙂

      And probably wrong as two left feet!

  1. I thought that clue would help you. I was born in Orange Co. Florida and grew up in Peach County, GA. I thought the randomness portion would give it away if nothing else since that is all I have blogged about lately. I am glad you liked it. I was so worried about purchasing your present b/c I didn’t want you to hate it. I kept harassing Pserendipity about what I should get you. A little birdie told me it is official, your nails are blue.

    • Thank you again! I rocked the blue nails hard over Christmas vacation! Alas, I’m back at work and the blue had to go, but it’ll definitely show up on my toes once the weather warms up. Love the red too and will be able to wear it more frequently.

      The first thing my Mom said when I got off the plane? I LOVE your nails! Runs in the family 😉

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