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High / Low

High: Pserendipity and I met Jameil last week for dinner!  We knew not to take her to a chain restaurant so we ended up at one of two Indian restaurants in the city.   The first thing I think I said to her?  “I thought your voice would be deeper.”  I’m nothing if not smooth!  We had a good time and it was great to meet Jameil in person – she is something like hilarious, very down to earth, and serious about her work.  Dinner was such a success that we met for lunch later on in the week.  I have really enjoyed meeting folks through blogging – Pserendipity, Jameil, Gladys, and Abe.  So far, so good.  If any of y’all ever happen to roll this way let me know!

Low: I cut lunch with Jameil and Pserendipity kinda short  to get back to the office for our Dirty Santa Christmas party.  Why I did this, I’ll never know.  Last year I ended up with lavender scented goat milk lotion.  This year?  Cheese straws and some of the dustiest looking pecans I’ve ever seen in my life.  Next year?  I won’t be participating.

High: This time next week I’ll be chillin’ in the CA with my family.

Low: Smoochy isn’t coming with us.  One of my goals for next year is to surprise Smoochy with a few days off.  If he doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid.  And since I don’t think the company is going to change policy any time soon, I’m going to make some vacation happen for him.

High: I decided to try something new with my hair and set my locs on pipe cleaners Sunday morning.  I think it came out pretty good.  It’s kinda curly and has some bounce and body to it which I’ve missed since I’ve been locked.  I’m excited to have another hairstyle from which to choose.  The addition of this one brings me to a grand total of…3.  Down and straight, down and curly, and my fall back – the high pony tail.  I guess since my hair’s getting longer I’ll be trolling around looking to up my number of styles to 4 or 5!

Low: It took something like forever to roll my hair around those little pipe cleaners.  My arms were exhausted!

High: I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping!

Low: I’m not finished with my Christmas shopping!

I guess that’s about it.  Oh, you wanted a pic of Jameil, P, and I together?  Ask and you shall receive….

Why am I just noticing that Jameil struck one of her modeling poses?!? LOL!

And here's one that doesn't make me look like the Jolly Black Giant. How the waiter ended up in the pic, I don't really know. But, the more the merrier!


10 thoughts on “High / Low

  1. Yeah! I love pictures. It sounds like you ladies had a great time.

    I do the pipe cleaner curls all the time. Fold pipe cleaner in half, 3 locks per cleaner = about 45 minutes to roll my hair. You gotta get faster Nerdgirl!

    Have fun in Cali!

    • Wow…I wonder why this is the frst time i’m hearing about setting locs on pipe cleaners. I’m trying this in the next couple of weeks. THANKS!

  2. One time for a blogger meet up! Glad you ladies had fun.

    You should show us pics of your hair post roller set…I bet it’s cute.

    Have fun and be safe in CA!

  3. I love to hear about bloggers meeting one another and folks being as cool as they seem online. I had no idea you were so tall or are Jameil and P kinda challenged in the height department? =)

    I’m not done with Christmas shopping, but I’m DONE if you know what I mean. *lol*

  4. I had a blast!!! We look super cute! My cousins call poses, “The Jameil.” LOLOL! I guess that’s my way to stand out among the 20something first cousins on that side! The cheese straws and pecans had me on the floor! Going to buy some pipe cleaners right now!! I hate jobs with horrible or non-existent vacation schedules!! Do you just hate people???

  5. How flippin tall are you NG? I feel hella short right now (5’3″) *weeps*

    I enjoy our company christmas parties because we go out to a nice place to eat and do a secret santa type gift exchange dealy. Kinda fun.

    Aww man hubby has to work 😦 that sucks.

    Where in cali are u going?

  6. Awesome about the blog meet up!! You guys look like you were having a ball!! On the floor about no chain LOLOLOLOL! That sucks about hubby not being able to go really sucks. I hate the people at his job!

    Oooo you are on your way to Cali my beautiful sunny state. I’m in the North and you’re going South. I hope the rain stops and you get to enjoy some good weather.

  7. Enjoy Cali, have fun and travel safe!
    Sorry that Smoochy can’t go. 😦

    I like your locs like that. I will be trying the pipe cleaners soon.

    You guys look great.

  8. I LOVE pipe cleaner curls! I usually wear the pipe cleaners for a week or two and then take them down. People don’t notice the little metal bits unless they’re really close up on your head if the pipe cleaners are the same color as your hair. You’ve got to try flat ironing next! (Why am I so excited about this?)

    Have fun and travel safe!

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