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Yes Nerd Girl, There Is A Santa Claus

Okay, so growing up we didn’t believe in Santa Claus.  We didn’t even celebrate Christmas until I was 11 or so.  Anyhow, I have never believed in Santa.  I was never cruel enough to tell the other kiddies that there was no such person as Santa, but I certainly wasn’t falling for the okey-doke.

Fast forward to last Friday.

Lovegirl:  Mama, how is Santa Claus going to know we’re in California for Christmas?  Won’t he bring my gifts here?

Nerd Girl:  (This girl believes in Santa???)  Um, come sit next to Mama.  Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Lovegirl:  Oh yes Mama!  I do.  (Looks at me quizzically) Don’t you?

Nerd Girl:  Uh, no.

Lovegirl:  (Starts bawling hysterically!!)  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why don’t you believe?  If you don’t believe you’ll never hear the sound of sleigh bells and sleigh bells are the most glorious sound on earth!  I want you to hear the glorious sounds of the sleigh bells!  Boo hoo, boo hoo….

Nerd Girl:  (What the hell is she talking about???)  Lovegirl, what are you talking about?

Lovegirl:  We saw it in P.olar E.xpress!  And I know it is true.  You will never hear the most glorious sound on earth.  Boo hoo, boo hooo.

Nerd Girl:  (Aw hell)   I do believe Lovegirl, I do!  I don’t know what I was thinking!

Lovegirl: (Hops off my lap and runs upstairs.  Comes back ringing her sleigh bell.)  Do you hear this Mama?  Can you hear it?  Can you hear the most glorious sound on earth?

Nerd Girl:  I can hear it!  I do hear it!  It’s wonderful!

Lovegirl:  Oh Mama, I’m so happy for  you.  See what happens when you believe?

And that my dear readers is how I came to believe in Santa Claus.  At the ripe old age of 38.

Merry Christmas to you all!   Happy New Year!  I’ll be back after our Southern California vacay.

Peace and Blessings!


16 thoughts on “Yes Nerd Girl, There Is A Santa Claus

  1. How can you resist the glorious sound of sleigh bells? I worry about how to explain Santa. And the Tooth Fairy. And the Easter Bunny. And all them other folks who bring gifts and money and candy.

  2. I might let my kids’ father have that conversation with them, because I am a dream killer. My blatant honesty might be erased after 9 months (or what are they calling it now, 40 weeks?) of pregnancy. Let’s hope so or poor kids are going to have no friends for going around bursting people’s bubbles.

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