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Since You’ve Been Away I’ve Been Sad and Lonely…

I know that this time of year people are furiously making, keeping, and breaking resolutions.  Not me.  (Well, that’s not true.  This year I’ve resolved to read through the Bible again – but that’s the only resolution I’m making.)  Instead I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about food I miss.  Yep, you read right – food I miss.

Number one on this list?  Guacamole D.oritos.  Artificial green goodness like you would not believe!  I used to eat these by the boatload and now cannot find them anywhere.  The last place I bought a bag was in a little gas station in somewhere, Mississippi.  I cannot for the life of me remember where I was.  Anyway, I love those chips.  Spicy, cool, and flavorful they’ve got to be some of the best tortilla chips I’ve ever consumed.  And I’ve consumed a lot of tortilla chips.  I had my parents in CA looking for them, my brother in TX  looking for them, and Smoochy looking for them while he’s out on the road.  No go.  Smoochy once brought me a bag of guacamole chips and out of courtesy I ate them, but they were truly awful and no substitute at all for my beloved D.oritos.  If you see a bag or twenty – I will pay you to send them to me.  Seriously.

Moving right along…

Next on my list are blue cheese flavored waffled potato chips.  I can – and have – consumed an entire bag in one sitting.  The only place I’ve ever seen them is at C.ost P.lus W.orld M.arket.  We don’t have one in MS, so whenever I was near one, I’d go in buy a bag or two and that’d be enough to tide me over until the next time.  Of course, we went while I was home for Christmas.  Not a blue cheese chip to be found.  If I’d been alone, I would have cried.

Cinnamon Bears.  Delicious sweet/hot cinnamon bears.  I used to buy and consume these by the bagful.  They were made by S.athers and I got them at the Sav.On drugstore near my parent’s house – one bag for .59 or two for a dollar.  One of my favorite candies ever.  Gone.  Haven’t seen any in years.  Last year (maybe the year before) my dad found a bag of cinnamon santas and I devoured the entire bag before he could even fully hand it over to me.  I ran back to the store to buy them and they were nowhere to be found.

Okay, I’ve got to stop as I’m getting teary eyed and hungry.  Are there any snack foods that you love but just can’t get at anymore?  And about those D.oritos – I’m serious.  I. Will. Pay. You.


18 thoughts on “Since You’ve Been Away I’ve Been Sad and Lonely…

  1. I’ve never had the guacamole ones. I actually used to hate them in any flavor, but since I’ve been pregnant? Game over. I can eat a family size bag by myself. Definitely my husband’s child because he LOVES them.

    Have you tried the blue corn chips from Tarjhay? Addicting. One snack I can no longer have is red velvet cake from this famous Brooklyn baker. Not because I can’t get to it, but because he’s charging almost $7 a slice. I swear there’s some illegal substance in the cake thought…nobody’s cake should be that good.

    • I’ll try the chips at Target while hoping I don’t like them. God knows I don’t need another reason to be in that store all.the.time.

      $7 a slice??? Unbelievable! At least it’s good. We bought two fancy cupcakes while at home – they weren’t that good at all.

  2. Dang and I really wanted to try those Doritos too! I can’t stand guac but most anything on a flavored tortilla chip taste good.

    I’ll keep an eye out just in case there are some stragglers hanging around.

    And now for your post inspired musical selection………….

    • Exactly! I’m not a big guacamole fan, but somehow those chips made it right.

      And I’ve been tossing my hair around like Lady Di for the last day…I’mma send you the chiropractic bill!

  3. I’ve never seen those Doritos but I’ll surely keep an eye open for you. If I can find it, I got you covered woman.

    The one food item that I crave year round, but am unable to find is Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries. They are usually only sold around Xmas time. They are the only brand that has the clear liquid filing. I hate, hate HATE the Queen Anne’s and other brands with the white/cloudy liquid filling. This year I couldn’t find any until a random Xmas morning run to Walgreens. Scored 2 boxes and haven’t seen anymore since. =(

  4. I LOVE that flavor Doritos. They haven’t been around in years out here! I have to hmph at the fact that you all still had them down south! Hmph! Another fav was the Cool Cucumber Lays. I miss those so much! I liked when Lays did the different state flavors YUM!

    I’m down with signing the petition to bring the Doritos back!!

    • I didn’t know about the Lays flavors…but I’m not big on potato chips. I tell you what though – I still crave the blueberry potato chips they have in China. Strange, but good. I think they had cucumber too!

  5. I remember those Doritos they were some kinda good, but, caused monster breath. I love Zero candy bars, they are white chocolate filled with almondy goodness but can only be found only by the box. I refuse to buy an entire box of candy bars so I do without. womp womp

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