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  • I’m writing this post with a smile on my face in hopes of being a kinder, gentler Nerd Girl.  Except for Ames, y’all are as “mean” as I am!  🙂
  • I may be the only black person in America (the world?) who was/is not a Teena Marie fan.  I’m sorry she’s dead, but I’m not gonna front – her music was not at all my cup of tea.  Okay, maybe Square Biz is alright, but that’s about it.
  • Remember our Administrative Assistant who left at the end of the year?  You know, The Chipmunk?  Yeah, she’s back.  Her new job screwed up her start date so she’s been here all week helping out.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder – I think I missed her a little.  Nah.
  • I was offered another position in the office – same title but working with residents instead of students.  In the world of teaching hospitals, resident education is more prestigious than student education.  I had to decline.  There’s no way for me to work early mornings and/or late nights with Lovegirl’s school schedule and Smoochy being gone 99.9% of the time.  My boss said she figured as much, but wanted to offer me first dibbs anyhow.  Ah well.  Maybe next time.
  • I think I’ve mentioned this before, not sure.  I’m on the hunt for some old school jeans – no elastic, no stretch.  100% cotton like old Levis.  I think I’m gonna buy a pair of men’s jeans, ’cause finding what I want in the women’s section has proven impossible so far.
  • Lovegirl has recently experienced a growth spurt.  She’s shot up a few inches in the last couple of months.  Which would be fine save the fact that none of her clothes fit!  I guess I need to move her up into a size seven.  Except that she’s still as big around as she was when she was 4.  Pants that flood v pants that fall off.  Decisions, decisions.
  • Speaking of Lovegirl, got a note from the school yesterday – my kid needs glasses.  I am shocked!  But not really.  I think she’s gonna be sooooo cute!  I hope she doesn’t look back in 10 years and ask me what the heck I was thinking when we picked her frames….
  • I’m reading the Bible through again this year and as always, I’ve got questions.  First off, why is being called a nimrod an insult?  According to the Bible, Nimrod was a stealthy, skilled hunter.  No mention of him being an idiot.  Secondly, what happpened to Enoch?  Did he die?  Seven days in and I’m already confused…
  •  My Mama called me last night to tell me my cousin got married.  Generally I’m all for wedded bliss, the forming of new family units and all that jazz.  But this chick?  This chick right here?  Marriage number…go head, guess…five!  How anyone from and in Pine Bluff, Arkansas finds five men to marry is beyond me.  Whatthehellever.  Oh, she’s just a few years older than me – 42 tops. 
  • It’s official.  I am addicted to Words with Friends for real.  I’m currently playing six different games.  The wireless at home is out – I think I need a new router.  WWF is the push I need to go ahead and get my wireless back up and running.  Sad, I know.
  • I’m going to add another page to this blog.  Books.  I’ll share (and maybe review??) what I’ve read this year and if y’all want to leave the names of books you’ve enjoyed that’d be great as well!  And if anybody wants to do a virtual book club I’m down for that too.  Just let me know!

Have a great weekend.  Our temps are supposed to drop over the weekend – soups on!


11 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Do ya’ll have Walmarts there? Our Walmart sells those Levis.

    My daughter who is 8 is the same way. I had to move her up in size b/c she’d either be flooding or her pants fall off. The pants w/ the elastic and buttons inside from Childrens place are our lifesavers!

    I’m really jealous of all those w/ Droid phones who can play “Words with Friends”. Blackberry’s dont have that game. 😦

    I love reading and can’t wait to read your reviews/recommendations.

  2. GAP and OLD NAVY have slim jeans for little girls that fit well and they have the elastic/button concoction in the waist as well.

  3. I LOVE the book of Enoch which is claimed to be a book removed from the bible because it caused confusion. Ethiopian Christians still have that book in their Bible.
    He was supposedly caught up. The story told by Enoch is very amazing. My friend did her thesis on him. I became interested after a history channel documentary.
    While I don’t look mean, I lean toward being mean. People tend to tell me they had thought I was nice. I always disclose that I am not but people prefer to believe otherwise.

  4. Yeah… I don’t care about Teena Marie either. And neither does Rashan. Knowing a song or two is fine but that doesn’t make me a fan.
    You missed her!
    Maybe try some trouser-style jeans. I need the stretch.
    Flood v. fit aka a problem my short future children will never have. LOLOL
    I wanna know why there are vastly different accounts of what happened to Judas after he betrayed Jesus! And why do I need to know in such detail about the many kinds of offerings. I don’t have any sheep, goats or cows healthy and a year old.
    I’m willing to give virtual book club a try! I’m going to start reviewing books, too.

  5. Jeans are a constant struggle for me. **sigh** One day I’ll find some that work. The blessing that I got from my mama makes it difficult to find jeans that work in the rear.

    I’m searching for a new church and one of the things that I want to do is participate in bible study. I remember reading it in 7-10th grade while I was in Lutheran school, but I want to read it again with adult eyes.

    Yep, WWF is a big addiction. I curse the techies at work everyday that our wireless connection is too weak for my to get my ipod touch to connect.

    Hmm, a virtual book club. I could be down with that. Count me in.

  6. I’m not nor have I ever been a teena marie fan myself. Something about her voice I never liked and found rather annoying.

    My baby had a growth spurt as well. All the 12 month clothes have been packed up. She now has all baggy 18 month clothes 😦 they kinda swallow her.

  7. Excited about the Books section! I’m interested in the virtual book club if it’s also open to commenters (who don’t have blogs). 🙂

  8. Hi Nerd Girl,

    regarding Nimrod….

    The bible speaks of him being mighty hunter in sense that those he hunted, both men and animals, were great in number. Nimrod also made himself a king to rule over other people, which God did not allow at that time.Also, at that at that time everyone spoke one language. Nimrod wanted to keep them all together so that he could rule them. So he told the people to build a city and a big tower in it. God was not pleased with this building because his original purpose was for people to move out and live all over the earth. But the people said: ‘Come on! Let’s build a city and a tower so high that its top will reach into the heavens. Then we will be famous!’ The people wanted honor for themselves, not for God.

    So God made the people stop building the tower. So God suddenly caused people to speak different languages, instead of just one. No longer did the builders understand one another. This is why their city came to be called Ba´bel, or Babylon, meaning “Confusion.”

    The people now began to move away from Ba´bel. Groups of persons who spoke the same language went to live together in other parts of the earth.

    Genesis 10:1, 8-10; 11:1-9.


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