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Slightly Pissed Randoms

  • If I have earphones in, am looking straight ahead, and have my angry black woman mean mug face on?  Don’t talk to me!  Everybody was so damn chatty yesterday.  Non-verbal cues people, non-verbal cues.
  • Lovegirl got another write up yesterday.  For talking.  I’m about to turn into one of “those” mothers who thinks their child can do no wrong.  Get some classroom management skills lady.  Or challenge my kid.  How ’bout that?  You’ve got the girl reading pan, can, man when she can probably read The Iliad.  Hell I probably wouldn’t stop talking either if I was that bored.
  • Pray for the future of healthcare in this country.  These folks who will be our doctors are none too bright.  Some chick called yesterday.  Wants to do a month’s rotation here.  Hasn’t heard anything so she called me getting jazzy.  The problem?  She applied in Family Medicine.  I work in Surgery.  She applied to the wrong damn program.  Note to self: don’t EVER let her operate on you if she actually becomes a surgeon.
  • I was so disgruntled yesterday that I thought a workout would do me good.  So I popped 30 Day Shred in the DVD player and was all ready to get my workout on – when I couldn’t find the remote to choose the workout and push play.  Aaaaargh!  I called Smoochy and demanded to know where the remote control was.  You can imagine how well that went over.
  • I watched The G.ame last night.  Got bored and turned it off.  Did you watch?  Did it get better?
  • Hmmm.  I probably shouldn’t end this on such a pissy note.  What else?  Oh yes, I’m still loving my ipod touch thingie.  And I still need to hook my wireless back up so that I am not relegated to playing WWF during work hours only.  Wait, that still sounds pissy.  What else?
  • Lovegirl got her glasses  yesterday.  I’m slightly biased, but I think she looks so stankin’ cute in them!

Okay, that’s it.  I’ll be back when the funk lifts.  See you in February.  I kid, I kid.  Kinda.


25 thoughts on “Slightly Pissed Randoms

  1. My son who is in Kindergarten is currently dealing w/ the same thing. He comes home on “yellow” 2-3x per week. The note attached always says “excessive talking”. I had a conference with the teacher and she said he talks when he’s done w/ his work and he’s probably bored. Hmm…so you can identify the problem, but yet aren’t willing to come up with any solutions?? I asked her to give him more work or a different book to read. She said “I don’t want to do that b/c then he’ll be to far ahead the other children. With 27kids in class, I’m trying to pace them all at the same time”.

    A class of 27 in any grade is ridiculous, but especially in Kindergarten. I’ve told Dony to please just be quiet at his desk until it’s time to move on to the next subject. I plan on meeting w/ the Principal soon and he most definitely will NOT be at this same school next year.

    Oh hell…now I sound pissy! LOLLLL

    • 27? That is a lot. I think Lovegirl’s class was that large at the beginning of the year – they hired another teacher.

      I think I am going to ask for a meeting with the principal and teacher – ’cause Lovegirl will be at that school until middle school. Unless we hit the lotto and send her to private school. Sigh.

      Don’t be pissy. LOL!

    • I’m sorry, but I think it is totally unacceptable for the teacher to say that she wants to “pace them all together”. So, leave your child bored so he can act up in class which will label him a problem?? So you should be ok with him not learning for now until everyone else catches up????I see he is a boy and we all know what happens to a lot of black males in the school system.

  2. You sound like I did yesterday. People just don’t understand when you want to be left alone.

    The Game did get better. I thought it was a little over dramatic, but I’m sure it will get better as the season goes on.

  3. I would like to preface this by saying I have no children: But, what does the teacher say when you talk to her about it? Is Love Girl having problems with just one particular teacher or have other teachers had the same concern?

    • Okay, the teacher agrees that Lovegirl isn’t being challenged. They did some more testing (on all the kids) and Lovegirl is testing at a 3rd/4th grade level. She is working on coming up with more for Lovegirl to do. Which I think is kinda trife since it is January and school started in August. I don’t think the lady needed a standardized test to tell her Lovegirl was above the “pan/man/can” level.

      Yes, Lovegirl has always talked. A lot. When she got in trouble at her previous school it was usually for talking. But the classes were smaller and the teachers seemed to have a better handle on making her straighten up. And there was no writing up. I think that’s what really bothers me – the idea of a write up. When my kid gets a write up I see that as “discipline problem.” And I just cannot get with her being or being labeled a discipline problem in kindergarten.

  4. I too hate to be talked to when I dont wanna be talked to. People really do need to learn to read the signs.

    The Game was straight. Drama city. But that’s how I like my TV.

    I adore kids in glasses so I bet Lovegirl is too cute.

  5. Yep 27! They hired a teacher’s aide but she is rarely there *sigh* so more often than not, it’s just the one teacher w/ all those kids.

    In the past I’ve “observed” Dony but he didn’t know I was there. I would make sure it was doing times when lessons were being taught so he didn’t see me. I observed him in class, on a bathroom break and while he was at lunch. This gave me a chance to see just what he was or wasn’t up to.

    • 27? How about 30. His class is made up of mainly little boys that are from the same neighborhoods/apartment complex or are actual cousins(my son and his cousin).
      He gets a checkmark for talking probably two days out of the week. The teacher has told me herself, as soon as they finish assignments, he gets to talking. We are working on ti and he has gotten better. I just don’t see how those teachers do it everyday.

      • I’m going to work on a chart which goes back and forth between our house and the classroom and see if that’ll get her on track.

        I don’t think I could handle a room full of kindergarteners either. Whooo Lawd that’s a lot of chitter chatter all day long!

      • My best friend’s a kindergarten teacher with just 17 and I still was there a half day and reached my limit of 5yos. They weren’t even bad. Most of them were really good and sweet but there were just.so.many.children!!! 20+ is just ungodly at that age.

    • How did he not see you? I can’t figure out a way to observe where she wouldn’t see me. The classrooms are so small. Not to mention she’s got excellent “mom-radar” and usually knows when I step up in a room.

  6. Awww, I saw this last night, and the lady on FB had a good suggestion. I also love the suggestion about going to observe her behavior, that way you shall see what the teacher is seeing and you can form your own opinion of whether its a discipline problem. I’d have never thought of observing on breaks, which made me think of a question: Does she “talk excessively” during those times (the lunch line? math? whenever else?), or is it only during times when they’re covering things she already knows?

    Also, if the teacher hasn’t found anything else for her to do, is it possible that you can send things? Like send a book from home? Some worksheets?

    I’ll keep thinking for you. It’s gonna work out!

    • I don’t know about the going to observe. Wouldn’t she see me?

      I asked this morning if I could send extra work. She said she would provide the extra work. Ugh.

      The girl is always talking. Always. She can’t finish her lunch for talking.

      • If you alert the teacher that you’re coming, the teacher can find a way to ensure that she won’t see you. As long as she doesn’t know you’re coming, she won’t be looking for you. I’ve watched Aidan through the window in his classroom and he never knew I was there. For that matter, neither did the teachers.

  7. Dony’s class has a HUGE window and how the classroom is set up, the kids aren’t facing the window(the teacher said them watching the hallway is another distraction) so while he was in group, I watched him thru that window. The teacher keeps the door open so I could hear if she had to tell him to stop talking, listening,etc. He to this day still doesn’t know I watched him. LOL

    • Ohhhhhhhhh. It never dawned on me to watch/listen from the halls. Yeah, I’ll be doing that one day next week.

      Hmmm, let me see where Smoochy is – maybe he can drop by today….

  8. LOLOL. Please don’t let that chick operate on me either!! But in her defense, the smarter I get w/books, the dumber I get with life. I know that’s awful but also true. I H.A.T.E. when people try to talk to me when I’m wearing earbuds. GET. THEE. BEHIND. ME!!! Why won’t you leave me alone??!!! Didn’t watch the game. Very mixed reviews. You obviously have a lot of great suggestions with your little chatter box! I was so that child… every report card. Thank God this was in the days before weekly reports or I would’ve been in soooo much trouble.

  9. What most bothered me was the teacher saying she doesn’t want LG to get to far ahead o_O. If she is more advanced, she has to be challenged. Period. I hope the meeting with the princpal and the teacher helps. This teacher clearly needs to think outside the box or move LG to the next grade for reading. I know about this because I was that kid reading at 5th and 6th grade level in the primary years.

    The Game was okay. It was long and too dramatic. I’m currently in a pissy mood myself so it didn’t help my mood.

  10. I have four kids and they ran the gamut. Talker,add/learning disabled, cut the fool and so easy I know God blessed me. My excessive talker was labled academically gifted. However, in North Carolina they don’t identify them until second grade. Her paper looked like a traffic stop with red, green, and yellow. Also the phone calls. I recently asked her, she is 26, why she talked so much. She said she didn’t know she just liked to talk. By middle school she did calm it down. She also took comp. dance and gymnastics which also taught her discipline and the importance of listening.My other daughter was quiet but finished her work so fast the teacher let her do other stuff, like computer time. I don’t understand the teacher’s stance, smh. It does get better though, promise!

    • This was me, quiet but finished my work very quickly. It is DEFINITELY on the teacher to find other things to preoccupy LG b/c that’s what my teachers did for me until I was old enough to participate in the gifted program (ie, extra work, extra reading time, going to higher grade-level classes to participate, etc). It was the only thing that kept me from falling asleep in class.

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