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Friday Randoms

  • I feel much better.  My hormones be on some stuff!
  • Thanks for your advice on the Lovegirl/school situation.  The teacher is giving her additional work, we’ve implemented a rewards program at home, and we’ll see where we are in a few weeks.
  • I am addicted to A.ngry Birds on my Touch.  I don’t know why this game has drawn me in the way it has, but I lurve it!
  • Do what?  We just got an email that says we can leave early today in honor of the MLK holiday on Monday.  Hallelujah for real!  Hey wait – that means I actually need to do some work today….
  • Thinking about painting my study this weekend.  Probably won’t happen, but I am thinking about it.
  • Bought the cutest little embellished sweater yesterday at Tarjhay – it is a weird almost fluorescent green color.  And I love it!  Lovegirl thinks it is the most awful color ever.  Which makes me laugh.
  • Hmmm…Jackson State has a few interesting positions posted.  I’m applying for two of them.  Apps will be in the mail (yep, they still use old fashioned snail mail) on Tuesday!  I think I’ve been underemployed for so long I was beginning to think I belong here.  I don’t!  Lord, please let me put these degrees and experience to good work in 2011.
  • I haven’t been to church in so long that I honestly can’t remember if services are at 9 or 9:30.  Definitely planning to remedy that this Sunday.
  • Alright, I’mma wrap this up.  In addition to the work I’m paid to do, I need to plan next week’s menu and write out my grocery list before 2.
  • Have a wonderful weekend.  Holla!

8 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. Y’all start church after us, at 10:30. Please try to visit this Sunday. Maybe you need to be there at 9:30, you have some making up to do. :p

  2. Awww man. I hope we get to leave early too. State gov’t be acting funny sometimes.
    I wish our services started at 10:30. Making it at 9 some Sundays is hard. But we make it.

  3. AngryBirds is a funny name! I’ve never been to church here but have researched so many I don’t know when any of them start. I’m currently only going to church in Charlotte… and I don’t go home more than once a month… if that… that’s a mess. I want to see that sweater! My hormones are such haters. My brain spirals OUT OF CONTROL on the regular!! It’s so ridiculous!!

  4. No, No, No! Ya’ll will NOT drag me to that Angry Birds game. Nope, not gonna do it!
    I understand what you mean about being underemployed. I need to get my hindparts in gear too. Time’s a wastin!

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