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Time On My Hands

Last night after I took down Lovegirl’s braids (yep, the ones from Christmas break), washed her hair, wrangled it into 4 ponytails, fed her dinner and got her tucked into bed I broke out a little box I’d been itching to get into since I bought it Friday.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  I saw these things in a magazine and being a lover of all most things nail polish related I could not wait to try them out.  They’re basically strips of nail polish that you stick on your nails, file down a bit and go.  Yep – M.inx for those of us who couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t shell out $50 for the real things.

I found the display in my local WalMart ($8) and chose the “Misbehaved” pattern – a black fishnet over a pale gold metallic.  They’re not as gaudy as they sound.  I hope….

Anyhoo, they come in a little box – you get 16 strips, a mini file and a mini orangewood stick.  You’re supposed to file your nails, put the strips on, file them down, press around your cuticles…yeah, yeah, yeah.  I just stuck ’em on, bent them over the edges of my nails, tore off the excess and I was done.  It took me about 40 minutes to do both hands but I think that has more to do with the fact that I kept losing the strips, was trying to watch the episode of RHOA I missed on Sunday, and was talking on the phone.  I think you could easily do both hands in less than 15 minutes if you were actually concentrating.

They’re not for everybody, but I will definitely be buying and using these again.  The design I’m sporting is actually subtle enough for work (on short nails) and will be great next Homecoming.  I’ve got my eye on a few of the wilder designs too – leopard and floral – and will try one of those next time I’m on vacation.  They come in solid colors as well, but um, I’m not real sure what the appeal of those are.

They’re supposed to last up to 10 days though I doubt they’ll last that long.  The directions don’t mention a top coat and I wasn’t going to put one on then I decided it couldn’t hurt. So my right hand is my control group – no top coat and my left hand is my experimental group – one coat of top coat. I’ll let you know how long they actually lasted.

The only downside to these things?  I must have nailbeds the size of a linebacker because they ran a little small so the sides of all my nails are not fully covered.

I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but this is the part where I say I bought the strips myself, this is my real review of them, and nobody’s paying me anything.  Hope that covered it.

Oh, here’s a picture (and I know my hands look ashy, but I promise they’re lotioned up!).  What do you think?  Is this something you’d ever do to your nails??


16 thoughts on “Time On My Hands

  1. I’m 2 weeks away from project stop frivolous spending. Guess that means I need to hit up the store tonight.

    They are too cute. Thanks for the review.

    • Our WWF game went all wonky and then disappeared! I can’t remember your name – isn’t there a number on it? I’m ready for a rematch even though you were whipping my tail!

  2. I like the outcome and they are “professional” enough for your workplace. And you know I’m ready to give them a try.

    • @InnerDiva – just found the leopard ones at my local w.a.l-ma.rt!!!! my fave store CV.S is not carrying them yet 😦 only did ring finger as I think they are a bit much for work but it is too cute!!!

  3. Cute! I can’t tell that they don’t cover your whole nail at all. I may have to sneak out during the last part of my lunch and get a pack.

  4. I just came across your blog tonight (from EssenseVibez’ blog). I’m lovin it. And you’re gonna have me searching Wal-Mart for these strips. I have THE hardest time getting polish to stay on so I’ll see how these hold up on my nails.

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