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It’s Friday. I’m Random.

  • The other night my kid walked up to me and asked for a “nocturnal narrative”.  Sigh.  Why can’t she just ask me to read her a bedtime story?
  • Many churches are in the midst of a Daniel fast this time of year.  My parents’ church is no exception.  My father has decided to fast from…wait for it…get ready…you ready?  Raisins.  That’s right, raisins.  Apparently my father has realized that his love of raisins may be standing in the way of his relationship with God and has given them up for 21 days.  Judge not, lest ye be judged, but really?  Really sir?  People are giving up alcohol, meat, sugar, the internet and you have decided that your vice is raisins?  This amuses me to no end.
  • My nails are still holding up pretty well.  I can see where the polish is starting to wear off, but I’m pretty sure the casual observer cannot.  I’ll post a pic on Tuesday so y’all can see what a week’s worth of wear looks like.  I got lots of comments – most people liked them.  My coworker told me I was regressing back to 7th grade.  That is so bunk!  I mean, like totally, I’m grown!  Oh wait…
  • I may or may not have threatened to whup some lady’s arse in the parking lot of the children’s museum last weekend.  I asked for forgiveness.  From God, not her.
  • El Debarge is coming in concert.  I must’ve fallen for the B.E.T. heavy rotation okey-doke, ’cause I kinda want to go.  But I’m not.  Mostly because he’s coming with Jaz.min Sullivan.  No sir, no ma’am.
  • Did F.acebook settings change again?  Why are my “work friends” talking about stuff I put on FB?  I didn’t know they could see it!  Time to up my privacy settings again.  Those folks are “friends” only out of some strange sense of obligation.  I don’t actually want them to see my posts.
  • I’m craving red lentil soup.  Guess I’ll make a pot this weekend.  So. Good.
  • I accepted an invitation to a party on Saturday night.  Now I’m thinking it’s a “fun” party.  I don’t wanna go.  But I will.
  • While I am making a conscious effort to be less frivolous with my money…G.ap has 40% off in-store purchases tomorrow.  I’m going to get those trouser jeans I’ve been eyeing for a minute.  Yes!
  • I am sleepy as all get out.  I had some more randoms, but they’ll have to wait ’til another day.
  • Oh yes, one last one.  Pserendipity is no longer Blogland’s sole WWF beeyotch.  I am losing to some of errybody! 

Be easy.  Go Steelers!  Go Bears!


10 thoughts on “It’s Friday. I’m Random.

  1. LMAO@ nocturnal narrative. Wow!

    In the parking lot of the children’s museum…that cracks me UP, lol.

    Aww, you’re not a fan of Jazzy? Is it her crazy chick image from the songs on the radio?

    Oh no…@ G.ap sale. Oh no no no…I’ll be there, lol.

    • Sent you the coupon via email! I was disappointed – the trouser jeans don’t come in lengths, so I had to leave them where they were 😦

      That’s exactly why I have no desire to hear Jazmin Sullivan. Ugh! Every song is about how wrong you’ve been done? Too.many.issues.

      • Thanks again! Grrrr@ don’t come in lengths. I’m sorry, that’s not cool. 😦

        I have to admit that made me hesitate to buy her actual CD, so I purchased it on A.mazon when it went on sale for $4. My friend and I talk about how sad it is that no one will ever get to hear her love songs b/c she already has this image, and her label knows drama/hate sells. There are two on her new album that make me sing along as if *I* am in love, and she sings just as passionately on those as she does on the other ones. (Excuse Me, and Love You Long Time just in case you’re ever interested, lol).

  2. Oh Lovegirl. LOLOL Raisins, tho?? LOLOLOL She loves her grandpa doesn’t she? I have never heard bunk used like that… I LOVE LENTILS!! I need to make some SOON! I did some damage at the outlet today but I still feel quite conscientious! Don’t care who wins any game for the rest of the season. It’s not the Falcons, the Pats or a Favre team so I’m as happy as I can be w/o the Panthers there! But FLAG ON THE PLAY!!! Don’t be slidin in confrontations w/o deets!! #fail

    • Go to sleep! I think I’m going to a consignment store today. I’ve never had luck with them, but I’m going to give them one more shot. Come on now, get ya some Superbowl spirit! I may blog about the beatdown that wasn’t.

  3. I heart Love girl Nocturnal Narrative?? She is clearly destined for greatness!
    I bout spit up and fell on the floor at raisins. I’m fasting from C.oke a cola and the first week I think I now know what crackheads feel like!! The withdrawal was CRAZZZZZY! I hope God honors the sacrifice!

    I sure wish I had stopped by earlier I am vertically challenged so I would’ve loved a G.ap coupon. Oh well!

  4. As usual, your daughter brings me so much joy!!! I’m going to try and use nocturnal narrative in a sentence one day soon.

    You?? Threatening to pull a whoop dat trick??!! *faints*

  5. I just read your other post about the lady in the parking lot. Hilarious. I have really turned over a new leaf and I don’t talk to people like that anymore, but I get the same joy when I hear OTHERS talk to people like that, so thank you for today’s smile.

    Thanks also for rooting for my Bears, they just couldn’t pull it out yesterday. For that, I’m sad.

    I had a similar Facebook problem. I was like oh no, they’ve got to go. LOL!

    • Girl, I have never “threatened” anybody in my life before that day. But when I thought she was about to slam my baby’s legs in the door? I err um, snapped just a little bit. I was telling my friend about it and she just fell out laughing talking about how I probably didn’t even know how to make a fist. True, but the lady in the parking lot didn’t know that 🙂 I’m just glad she didn’t call my bluff…

      Oh, that Bears game made me so sad – I knew it was over before it got started good – I rolled over and took a nap on it 😦

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