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Wolf tickets for sale!

What had happened was…

Last Sunday after church Lovegirl and I headed out to the newly constructed MS Children’s Museum.  It was misting lightly by the time we arrived and I walked around to my passenger side to see if I could find my umbrella.

The lady parked next to us decided at that moment to hop out of her car (she’d been sitting in her car for a while) to let her child out.  Problem was Lovegirl had opened her door and was blocking the lady’s access to her kid.  So the lady decided to close Lovegirl’s door.  Which wouldn’t have been a problem if her legs weren’t in the door.

Nerd Girl:  Ma’am!  Please don’t close that door – my kid’s legs are in the way.  Hold on just a second.

Lady:  So what?  I’m just supposed to stand here in the rain?

Nerd Girl:  I don’t give a damn if you stand there and melt!  If you close my kid’s legs in the door I’mma whip your ass in the rain.  So you can stand there in the rain and wait or you can get your ass whipped in the rain.  Makes me no difference.

Lady: Oh.My.God.

Nerd Girl:  Call Him!  ‘Cause if you close that door?  You’re gonna need Him!

…now back to our regularly scheduled, peace-loving Nerd Girl…(Sorry Mom!)


20 thoughts on “Wolf tickets for sale!

  1. She deserved everything you said! You weren’t even mean considering she said So What. That coulda went a whole ‘nother direction with a response like that.

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