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Two Things

1.  My little fingernail polish stickers actually wore really well.  Were it not for the fact that my nails have grown, I probably could’ve gotten ten days wear out of them.  I give these bad boys an A+.  They were easy to apply, wore surprisingly well, and were fun!

2.  Book club.  Let’s read “Wench” by Dolen Perkins-Valdez.  I heard about this book awhile ago, and TIH mentioned it again the other day, so why not?  It’s about four slave women who also happen to be the mistresses of their masters.  I downloaded it for $9.99 and I know it’s supposed to be released in paperback soon.  I couldn’t find it at my library, but it may have been checked out.  Anyhoo, we’ll keep it real simple.  Today is January 25 – let’s meet back here on Tuesday, March 1 to discuss.  Is that enough time?  Let me know!

Excuse the wonky formatting….it aint my fault!


13 thoughts on “Two Things

    • Mmm hmm. I wrote a post, made it password accessible only, and blocked people whose name begins with the letter P from being able to view the blog that day. Yep, that’s what happened.

      • Nerd Girl, you’re the greatest! I already read Wench. It was awesome!

        (This post may or may not have been edited. I believe in it’s original incarnation it called me a loserface and said Wench was awful…)

    • Ha! I mentioned starting one a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t come up with anything to read. When you mentioned Wench a couple of days ago on FB, a light went off and I hopped on that bandwagon real quick. Woot woot!

      • OK that’s fine with me. If you will do a post listing all the peoples who want to participate, I will do will do the round up post of all the folks who want to blog about the book on March 1st. They can email their links to me and I will compile them. Let me know if you want to do it that way.

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