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Okay y’all, here’s the deal.

Go get a copy of “Wench” by Dolen Perkins-Valdez and read it by the end of February.  We’ll get together here on March 1 and discuss it.  This way, anyone who wants to will be able to participate and we won’t be limited to bloggers only.  Everybody’s welcome and even if you read the book months ago, we’re glad to hear your thoughts.

If someone has suggestions for the next book, or would like to “host” on their spot, I think that’d be cool as all get out.  If not, we’ll get together here in May to discuss whatever’s next on the list. (Books by authors such as Zane need not apply.  As you were….)

Cool beans?  Cool beans.

Happy reading!


13 thoughts on “Book Club

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  2. Just Kindled it! So excited…I used to facilitate a book club and had to drop out due to the Zane-type books over taking our selections. Reason #487987 why I love the Interwebs! See you in March.

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