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I am…

  • amused that these folks at work think they’re gonna worry me.  So not happening.
  • excited about going to see FB & Maze in March.  I’m taking Smoochy for his birthday.
  • tickled at how many great, cheap concerts I’ve been to in my life.  $3 to see the O’Jays?  Yes please.  I guess those days are long gone!
  • back in the workout saddle.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was not pleased.  Jillian Michaels and I are getting reacquainted.
  • anxious to see how Lovegirl’s going to do in her children’s choir debut on Sunday.  Pray for my child y’all!
  • much further along in “Wench” than I thought I’d be.  My mother may or may not have called me a nerd when I told her what page I was on.
  • tickled at how much time my brother and I spent on Skype and Face Time yesterday.  Technology has only enhanced the foolishness that is our relationship.
  • slightly peeved that I cannot find any trouser jeans that fit.  I spilled bleach on my last beloved pair and have been searching for a replacement pair for almost two years.  Boo.
  • quite glad this fast is almost over.  This one was an epic fail. 

Anyhoo, I hope y’all have a great weekend.  Maybe something exciting will happen in mine and I can stop with all these randoms.  I doubt it, but a girl can hope!


5 thoughts on “I am…

  1. Lemme tell you how I just looked at Badu tix and the cheapest is $53, the most expensive, $96. Girl BYE!! I’m impressing myself and I think my trainer a little bit, too with the workouts! LOLOL Muy exiting-o! Well… your name IS nerd girl… I’m waiting to read it b/c if I don’t, I’ll forget too much stuff. I’ve never had trouser jeans and have had a HORRIBLE time finding jeans that fit my body.

  2. I swore that the book needed to be finished for Feb 1st…here I am powering through it on the train…Talib Kweli is coming out this way for $10. If I could stay awake past 8pm, I’d get tickets. I’m picturing Lovegirl’s choir debut as the opening scene of “What’s Love Got to Do With It”…

  3. Hope Lovegirl does good on her debut. My kid first time he stared at the kids behind him the whole time. But he’s gotten 100% better. He loves the choir.

    Good luck with the jeans. Every pair of any kind I buy has to altered in the waist. Fits in the hip and backside area but not the waist.

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