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Oooh Oooh And I Like It

So yeah, didn’t have an exciting weekend to come back and impress y’all with.  Had a good one though.  Lovegirl did…okay in her Children’s Choir debut.  She swayed, clapped and sang through the first two songs.  On the third song she added the requisite tears.  But she wants to sing again next month, so I’ll consider it a success.  Yesterday’s sermon was really really good.  Pastor spoke on falling in love with Christ all over again – really timely and relevant for me.  And Smoochy’s been to church two Sundays in a row.  Which is nothing short of a miracle.  Seriously.

So what shall I blog about?  How about 5 6 things I’ve really been digging lately:

This recipe for chai concentrate.  I made it for the first time this weekend and will get at least 6 cups of chai out the deal.  And since it only cost me about $2.00 (I bought the spices from the bulk section of the health food store) it is way more cost effective than a $4 chai from the coffee stand every few days.  It is a little weak for me, so I’ll tweak the recipe – let it steep longer, use a little less water, etc., but this is definitely a keeper!

MAC’s “O” lipstick.  Best every day color ever.  Wish I could find a less expensive dupe – anybody know of one?

N.ike’s NTC training app.  Free?  Check.  A variety of workouts?  Check.  Hard as heck?  Check.  Between this and J.illian, I’mma be right!  Sooner or later.

Chimes ginger chews.  Sweet heat goodness.  Love them!

T.arget cardigans.  They’re inexpensive, come in a wide range of colors and I’ve found them to wear and wash quite well. 

T.rick D.addy.  I guess I’m having some sort of flashback but lately T.rick D.addy has been in heavy rotation.  Baby ’cause I’m a thug!!  All day every day!!  Except for the fact that I’m totally not.

In the spirit of AR Gal, I leave you with another T.rick D.addy classic…


13 thoughts on “Oooh Oooh And I Like It

  1. For dupes of MAC’s “O”…try Revlon “Mulled Cider” , Wet n Wild’s “769” .

    My Aunt from NJ bought those ginger chews and I thought they were sooooo good! I usually don’t even like ginger at all.

    Target cardigans are the bomb.com!

  2. I keep hearing about MAC lately. I will have to try it (if I can find some on clearance).

    I love ginger chews too. I dont get them often but they are great and spicy.

    Target clothes are great. I love to shop there.

    • I went last night – they have got some really cute things out for Spring – but I was strong and only bought the shower curtain liner I went in there for. 😦

  3. I don’t shop at target for me anymore for clothes. Just the baby. I can’t help myself! Little girl clothes are soooo super cute!

    I haven’t been on trick daddy but I have been on a cash money flash back. . . Back that thang up was somehow uploaded to my ipod *looks around*

    I’ve been to church 2 weeks in a row myself. Its hard for me to wake up early on sundays and when I do I have to get myself and a 14 month old ready. My home church that I’m a member of moved their time up to 9am. Smh. So I’ve been attending my BFFs church which starts at 10:45. That’s more up my alley. Jasmine”s too. She can get to cutting up if she has to sit still too long.

    • Target has the cutest baby girl clothes!! Their big girl clothes are cute too, but I may have actually shed a tear when my girl moved out of the baby/toddler section!

      Guess the ipod fairies got to yours too 🙂

      We went at 9 Sunday – liked to kill us all – we usually go to 10:30 service.

  4. Yay for LoveGirl! As for that sermon…*I* need to fall in love with Christ…I can see my ungrateful self slowly cutting up. *smh*

    Training app?? *downloading* Thanks for the info!

    • If my notes make sense (’cause honestly, sometimes they don’t) I’ll post them or send them to you.

      Did you download it? What do you think? The abs workout still has me sore.

  5. Trick Daddy! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!! I love hood music and I’m not ashamed!! LMAO!!!!

    NY & Company is has a good set of clearance in stock…well at least in LR. I was tempted to buy up a ton of stuff but I held off to see if I could find one of their handy dandy coupons. Speaking of……….let me get on that before I forget.

    • Hmmm, we could put that on tshirts and make millions! “I love hood music and I’m not ashamed!!” An ARMS production…get it AR, MS…yeah, I’m clever like that!

      I don’t have a coupon for them…which in no way is going to stop me from going in there after work and checking out their beloved sale rack.

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