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God Save The Nerd!

So yesterday morning at around 11 I got a call from Lovegirl’s school to come pick her up because she had a fever of 102.  Oh joy.  I stopped by WalMart, picked up some Ty.lenol and M.otrin and scooped the kid up.  Once home I doped her up and put her in the bed where she watched TV until she drifted off.

I figured I’d better take her to the doctor this morning just to make sure she didn’t have the flu.  Of course, she has the flu. (And yes, she got a flu shot – the doc said next time she should get the nasal spray).  And can’t go back to school until Monday.  Monday!  Y’all, I love my child, but really?  Six days of 24 hour togetherness is more than enough to test my patience.  The doctor said she won’t be contagious after her first two doses of T.amiflu, so we are definitely hitting the streets on Friday.  Come on Friday…

Speaking of T.amiflu, when the doc said she was going to write her a rx for it, I asked if there was a generic.  Nope.  Okay, so I won’t be in shock when I get to the pharmacy, how much do five T.amiflu pills cost?  $180.  No ma’am.  So I asked if she had any samples.  She went to “check.”  Well, lo and behold guess who came back with 5 sample packs of T.amiflu which I got for the low-low of FREE???   I don’t know why docs can’t just offer up their free samples…but I sure know to ask for them and have no shame in doing so.  Doesn’t always work, but when it does?  Well worth it.

Anyhoo, I’m going to get up and scrub my bathroom down and clean out a junk drawer or two.  As long as I’m home and Lovegirl is happily whiling the day away with her buddies on N.ick Jr, I may as well get some housework done.

If you don’t hear from me in the next few days…send help!


9 thoughts on “God Save The Nerd!

  1. Hope Lovegirl gets better! And hope you don’t catch it.
    I had the flu during X-mas holidays and hated every bit of it. Thank goodness my doc conveniently gave me a week’s worth of samples. She is the best.

    • Thanks! I probably won’t get sick. Apparently I’ve inherited a super spectacular immune system from my mother. The last time I was truly sick (outside of allergies) was about the eighth grade. 😉 And um, who’s your doc…I may need to make an adjustment!

  2. You have not because you ask not are words to live by. I always kick myself in the butt when I don’t ask because I always see how a scenario would have played out in my head if I had.

    Get well soon Lovegirl!!!!

    • True that! And the older I get, the more likely I am to ask.

      Thanks – she is currently knocked out. I guess I’ll go find something else to clean. Give us free!

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