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Monday Morning Randoms

  • Met Jameil – and her Mom – for lunch on Friday.   We ate Vietnamese – yum!  I had lemongrass chili chicken; next time I’m definitely trying a hot pot.  I was kinda out of it, and I’m blaming it on Lovegirl.  But I think we had a good time.   Jameil?
  • Speaking of Lovegirl, my kid tried to master the art of eating with chopsticks.  One grain of rice at a time.
  • Loved the A.udi commercial during the game last night – did you see it?  Hilarity!
  • Hated that the Steelers lost.  Ah well.  There’s always next season.
  • My reading of male-authored blogs is falling off – between blogs going private and my being banned, it’s ladies’ night almost every night!  Anybody have any suggestions where the fellas are concerned?
  • I finished Wench.  A couple of weeks ago.  Now I have to re-read it so I can do the book club post.  I give myself the side eye for that one.
  • Next time I blog about a purse I like?  Please tell me to just go buy the darn thing.  I let yet another one slip through my fingers at T.J. M.axx.  I’ve been dreaming about that  purse…
  • I managed to almost set my house on fire twice this weekend.  All in the name of a cup of tea.  Friday (I think) I let all the water boil out of the pot and the tea kettle burned into and got stuck on the stove’s eye.  Lesson learned?  Nope.  Last night I used my other kettle.  And promptly let all the water boil out of that one.  It got so hot that the knob on top fell off and the lid melted into the kettle.  Sigh.
  • Do you/your friends have a hard time coming to a consensus about where to go for Girl’s Night Out?  They ran me so warm on Saturday, I said forget it and just went to sleep.
  • My boss hired one of her best friends to be our new Admin.  No comment.
  • Sticking fish oil capsules in your bra because you have no pockets and are rushing out of the house is not a good idea.  Unless a well greased decolletage is a priority for you on a Monday morning.

Make it great!


18 thoughts on “Monday Morning Randoms

  1. The STEELERS lost! LOL!!!

    Usually we all agree on our GNO activities(as long as there’s food and drink involved, we’re all good lol)

    1 of 2 things will happen w/ that BFF being hired as the new Admin…keep us updated on that situation..

    I think in my Google reader, I have 3-4 male authored blogs. I only read 2 of them regularly. Of the other two, 1 hardly ever updates anymore and the other works my nerves so I stay away. LOL

  2. Um yeah. The Packers won the Super Bowl. It was on regular TV. You could have watched it.

    I dont read many dude blogs either. Maybe 2. At the most I had about 5 but I had to let most of them go.

    Girl stay awake when you are making tea!

  3. We did have a good time! Saw 0 mins of the Super Bowl or its commercials. I was in Natchez with my fam. I’m not starting Wench for another week or two because I will definitely forget it! But I’ll be taking notes! BUY THE PURSE!! 1) What kind of bootleg kettles do you have??? 2) Isn’t that why those things have whistles??? I’m flummoxed. LOL I couldn’t eat with them either! Same two restaurants? That’s a no! I hate the new admin sitch for you!!! I can’t imagine it would be anything better than awful. ROTFL @ fish capsules! This whole post is a comedy of errors!

    • I’m already on a mission – to buy the next purse that I love! And I’m upping my acceptable dollar amount – hopefully that’ll make it easier 🙂

      So I guess this is where I’m supposed to confess that I always lift the “whistler” part up because…wait for it…I hate that sound?!?

  4. My friends and I don’t usually have a problem coming to a concensus because usually one or the other of us just makes the reservations/plans and then we go from there. Where we have a problem is finding the time to actually get together. Two people is tough, but when there’s three or more, it rarely, if ever, works out.

  5. Last week, in separate instances, (1) I forgot to turn off the oven after removing cookies and (2) forgot to turn off the stove after spooning out all the chili from the pot. Apparently I also want to burn my house down.

    I only follow three blogs written by men and I don’t count two of them because those bloggers are (semi)famous. If you find any good male bloggers, let me know. I want to follow them too.

    Ugh, I have traumatizing memories of my mother forcing me to drink cod-liver oil from my childhood. Fish oil capsules scare me!

  6. I bought Wench Saturday and am about half way through. I’m enjoying it. Good read.

    I saw a pair of sandals at Target that I just must have. Unfortunately the store I was at didn’t have my size. I’ll be visiting the Target in town to rectify that quick, fast and in a hurry.

  7. We don’t go girls night out. We always stay in so we don’t have a problem lol.

    I didn’t watch the super bowl because I didn’t care who won.

    I saw a purse yesterday that I REALLY wanted but I couldn’t wrap my head around the 70 dollar price tag. I’m cheap sometimes lol

  8. I must admit that I hooted/laughed at the tea kettle knob and the fish oil capsules. Speaking of which (the kettle), I need to buy one…I’ve been on peppermint tea kinda hard lately.

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