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Family Randoms

  • When we were home for Christmas, we went to my Grandma’s on Christmas Day.  Which has been family tradition as long as I can remember.  We were the only ones there.  If we hadn’t come, my Grandma would’ve been alone on Christmas Day.  The others didn’t come because they had “stuff” to do.  Oh, okay.  But please remember that your mom/grandma/great grandma/great great grandma will be 90 in June.  Don’t be slinging snot when she dies talking about you wish you had just one more day with her.
  • I called Smoochy to tell him about last night’s labor story.  He was like “uh, uh.  Y’all too nice.  I’da told that joker not to call me now – call whoever the heck (okay, he said hell) he’s been talking to for the last 5 years when he wasn’t talking to us.”  Have I mentioned that Smoochy can be a whole lot less forgiving than me?  Yeah…
  • My middle brother sent me a picture of his dog walking on the treadmill.  I almost fell out the bed laughing.  Pure foolishness.
  • We were on the phone a long time last night talking about my youngest brother.  I’d be lying if I said my feelings aren’t hurt over how he has so easily kicked us all to the curb.  I don’t think about it often, and it doesn’t bother me all the time, but sometimes I really think about it and I cannot believe the rift that currently exists in my family.
  • I would understand his “leaving and cleaving” better if someone had actually done something to his wife.   Sigh.
  • Smoochy has, for the last 11 years, always saved the scoop out of the box of laundry detergent.  He insisted on keeping the old scoop until the new box of detergent had been opened and the scoop secured.  I have teased him about being scoopless in childhood and how it damaged him.  Wouldn’t you know the box of detergent I opened last night had no scoop?!?  I’ll never tell Smoochy how happy I was to see the old scoop sitting on the shelf  🙂
  • I am going home tonight to play in makeup.  I want to learn how to do a good looking bold eye.  Yeah, okay, that had nothing to do with the family randoms, but I felt like y’all would want to know!

12 thoughts on “Family Randoms

  1. I keep an extra laundry detergent cup after cracking one and having to use a starch cap for 2 months. Smoocy is wise!

    I hope you post pictures of your makeup party!

  2. I’m with Smoochy on the detergent scoop. We buy the extra large Sam’s club size of detergent and sometimes, that scoop is waaaaaay down deep. I keep an extra b/c Mister never puts the scoop back in the box so it’s liable to get lost. Then again, he does 90% of the laundry so I guess I can’t complain. Lol.

    Younger brother has been MIA for 5 years? Good googly moogly! For real, what yall do to him??? Lol.

  3. Please tell your mother to blog her version of the midnight phone call. I feel like I really need to hear it.

    And is that why you called me at 11:30? I was KNOCKED OUT!

  4. My mom’s youngest brother doesn’t talk to our family either. He hasn’t for almost a decade. My mom keeps in touch with his wife and most of us keep in touch with his stepchildren (who we grew up with as our cousins). We went to our cousin’s wedding last year. He looked like he’d seen a ghost. Every time we go somewhere people ask us about him. It’s pretty annoying. LOL @ y’all’s box stories! We definitely care and want pics of the eye session!!!

  5. We have a family rift out this way too! and it’s crazy! But I’m glad he called you all. We wouldn’t get that! I would love to know what she needed to be sedated for.??? Sounds like pure comedy. Well congrats on being and auntie soon. I hope you get lots of pics.

  6. I hate that you all are going through this with your youngest brother, but hopefully this is his way of reaching out…to start mending relationships.

    LOL!@ Smoochy being scoopless in childhood. Cracked me up! You should tell him how relieved you were. That would make his LIFE! LOL

  7. So…I guess I should go on and sign up for some classes, huh?
    Who has “stuff’ to do on Christmas? It’s Christmas! The only place you should be is with your family. That’s so sad to me.

  8. @ pserendipity: You know I had a version, not to be missed. Check it out
    @ innerdiva: Get the info. You can choose to use it or not.

    Our family goes in and out of reality zones. Right now, the father-to-be is probably feeling a little isolated and needy. His pregnant wife probably is not feeling anything because she was sedated at !!ONE!! centimeter.

  9. Glad that you guys made it your Grandma’s house for Xmas. I love keeping traditions alive.
    LMAO @ Smoochy and the scoop! Give that man his props!!
    Yeah, I kinda don’t blame Smoochy for not jumping on the forgiveness train. I’ve been slow to board in my life as well. I applaud you for trying.

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