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Date Night!

I was on the phone yesterday and the subject of first dates came up…I remember mine well.

It was 1989, senior year of high school, and I was a fly young thing of 15.  Okay, I was a young thing of 15.  The flyness had yet to appear.  Anyhoo, I didn’t date much at all.  I went to school and hung out with my friends.  Dudes weren’t even on my radar.

My best friend all through high school was a PK  and her hormones kicked in well before mine did.  She wanted to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with this dude – let’s call him Bobby, mostly ’cause that was his name – but her pastor dad told her she couldn’t go unless I went.  I didn’t want to go.  She begged me.  Nope.  Please.  Okay.  Problem was there was not a single dude I was interested in asking to the dance.  So she told me not to worry – she’d find me a date.  She suggested this guy who’d recently started going to her church.  Okay, fine.  I’m in.  We’d meet the night of the Sadie Hawkins dance.  My first date and I was going in blind.

The day of the dance rolled around and we planned our outfits, agreed on a pickup time, and I went to my bathroom to flip my hair and rim my eyes with blue eyeliner courtesy of Wet n Wild.  What?  It was the 80’s!  Anyhoo, I heard the doorbell ring and after I waited a few minutes I went up front in all my primped and glossed glory.  And there he was – my date.  As gay as the day is long.  On top of his head was some dry member of the curl family – Jheri, California, S – hell, I don’t know, his sweet little lips were pursed and he had to be at least 4 inches shorter than me.  My parents were so damn happy they were about to bust!  “You girls have a great time!  No curfew!  Stay out as long as you like!  See you in the morning!”

And off we went.  And I had a ball!  My friend’s date showed up at some point in the evening, but by then we didn’t care.  We were having such a good time just “us girls” that he was a total afterthought.  And that was my first date.  Do you remember yours?  How was it?

Oh, you want pictorial evidence of the frivolity that took place that night?  No problema.  It’s a picture of a picture, but it’ll have to do!  Enjoy 🙂


25 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. “you girls” look like you had fun!it also looks like you were all wearing the shoes!I’m glad you recognized he was gay. I had the biggest crush on a gay guy back in the day. I could not figure out why he didn’t like me back! LMAO and SMH!

  2. Is he wearing jeggings? Tight-rolled at the ankles? And the same loafers as you? Lol. Well, I’ll be! Do you know where he is now?

    My 1st real date was senior year of high school. I was 16 and we went to the movies to see “Soul Food.” I ended up dating that guy for 3 years. My high school sweetheart. *sigh* I still chat with him from time to time. He lives in California with his girlfriend now. I’m good friends with his sister still after all these years.

    • You could not have told him – any of us for that matter – that he wasn’t sharp! Haven’t seen him since then.

      That’s cool that you kinda keep in touch. I’m awful about staying in touch with people.

  3. Wait, wait! How dare you try to quit me yesterday? Then you turn around today and post about your gay first date with the pursed lips???? LMAO!!!!!
    And are his pants cuffed, with no socks?? I’m dying over here. DYING!!!

    • Oh yeah, my first date? Um, yeah, remember it very well. Tragic for many different reasons. There was Benadry, the police, tow trucks and my parents. Yeah, guess I need to clog about that.

      • Can’t wait to read about that one!

        Okay, maybe I don’t quit you. But I think we should take a break – give each other some room. It’s me…not you. LOL!

  4. Hilarious! Why did your friend hook you up with a gay guy?

    My first date was the summer before my senior year of high school. We went to Friendly’s and it was all types of awkward even though we had known each other since elementary school. We ended up dating for quite a few months after that.

  5. Why are ya’ll sitting on hay bales at the Sadie Hawkins dance?
    Much like Mrs. Count, why did your girl do you wrong and hook you up with the ghey dude?
    Why does he have the S-Curl on top and shaved on the sides?

    Again, why are YA’LL SITTING ON A HAY BALE???????


  6. Wow. He actually looks like a guy I know through facebook….hmmmmm.
    My first real date was at age 15. We went to the mall to see the movie “Woo.” He was a classmate, and we ended up dating for 5 years.

  7. Did you say As gay as the day is long!?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOL!! Hilarity!!! I’m glad you had fun! I don’t really remember my first date. We ended up dating for over a year after that, had a not so great break up during which time I blocked out most memories of him. LOL Ridiculous now but coping mechanism then! 🙂

  8. This story cracked my side, lol!!

    Hmmm…I don’t remember my first date and I should b/c my parents were so strict, there wasn’t too much dating going on, lol.

  9. I was not expecting that turn of events. Hilarious! Love that you were “good enough” to chaperone your wild PK girlfriend. I was that kid too. His fit is ridiculous though. Folks wore socks in the 80’s. I know it!

    • Now that I think about it, we really didn’t wear socks much. Maybe it was a California thing? We wore keds, croker sacks (sp?), and penny loafers. A lot. Which perhaps explains why all three of us really do have on pretty much the same shoe.

      I know – I was 15 and you “made” me chaperone your 18 year old. Come on….

  10. Lol@ this story AND that pic! Lol

    My little sister graduated hs @ 15 and started college@16 and also doesn’t play well with others lol

    My 1st date was @ 16 with a guy I had a crush on who I’m still friends with and now believe it undercover gay. Well he’s not really undercoved but rather says he doesn’t like to define his sexuality o-o. We had fun tho. Movies and dinner

  11. Wait, your parents were happy he was gay? That’s hilarious!

    I can’t remember my first date because I snuck around and dated before I was supposed to. So I remember some early dates, but I don’t remember which one was completely first and which one was parent-sanctioned. Womp.

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