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It’s Tuesday, I’m Random

  • I’m an aunt again.  My brother and his wife had the baby yesterday.  Hopefully we’ll see her before she’s thirty.  The baby, not the wife.  Sigh.
  • FYI:  T.arget has all of their winter cardigans on sale for $9.  Or maybe $9.98, can’t remember.  Anyhoo, I picked up a solid black one ’cause I didn’t have one – I didn’t stick around to see what other colors were available. 
  • I need a pistachio intervention.  I have been knocking back pistachios like a madwoman.  These salt and pepper pistachios are just dee-darn-licious.  Yeah, I wanted to curse.  But I’m working on that.  Again.
  • Lovegirl is in the midst of a read-a-thon at school.  She’s pledged to read for 25 minutes a night.  Do you know how many kiddie books we can go through in 25 minutes?  I guess we’ll start on War and Peace next.
  • Did you know J.esse Owen’s name was James Cleveland Owens?  And that a teacher misunderstood him when he told her his name was J.C. and that’s how he became Jesse?  Me either.  But I do now.  Thank you read-a-thon.  Tomorrow I’ll fill y’all in on Bessie Coleman.  Or not.
  • Smoochy ran me hot by demanding trying to demand that I sit outside with Lovegirl while she plays.  So not going to happen.  I think the block is quiet and slow enough for her to play in the garage/driveway without me hovering over her the whole time.  I check on her frequently, and I was good with that.  Smoochy, not so much.  Lovegirl may never again see the light of day – I’m not trying to argue with Smoochy or sit outside for hours at a time.  What’s the worst that could happen?   A vitamin D deficiency and a mild case of rickets…
  • Speaking of interventions, I also need one for nail polish.  I have no business buying any more nail polish for the next decade or so.  That didn’t stop me from buying a greenish blue color at U.lta on Sunday.  So purty!
  • R.ush L.imbaugh had been taking shots at Mrs. O.bama’s figure and eating habits! o_O
  • I’m bored with food.  I’m not sure how that happened, but nothing is appealing to me right now.  Let me rephrase that – nothing healthy is appealing to me.  I thought I’d get myself out of my food rut and cook a nice, healthy Sunday dinner – cabbage, baked chicken, rice.  All I ate was the cabbage.  And then couldn’t figure out why I was light-headed that night.  I need something good, healthy, and “new” to eat – Jameil and KRock – I’m coming for your food blogs – help me out!
  • Alright, I’m off to do some work. Oh wait, no I’m not.  My Mama should be calling for our daily talk-while-she-commutes chat in 5, 4, 3…

8 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, I’m Random

  1. I’m so sad that your bro & his wife are acting up to the point that you’re barely excited about the baby. I know you’re a great aunt! Brother fail. I love cardigans. I’m pretty sure I don’t need anymore! Do you need me to come clear out your nail polish for you? B/c I can do that! I’ll be there in 2.5 weeks! I’m trying to get more healthy. Right now? I’ve been cooking some of the fattest food of my life. It’s bad! She said rickets… LOLOL

  2. Ah, thanks for the tip of Target’s cardigans. I’ll be hitting one up on the way home tonight.
    Pistachios are a weakness of mine. Everybody’s Nuts is my favorite brand. Their garlic and onion pistachios are ALL THAT. The salt and pepper are quite yummy too. And, you’ll find this amusing, pistachio is the only ice cream that I love and will never turn down. 🙂
    I locked myself down with nail polish purchases 2 years ago. Ask me how many bottles I still have. Yeah, I don’t need to purchase anymore this decade.

  3. Congrats on the new addition! Hopefully you will get to see her soon. 🙂

    Thanks for the cardigan info. I need a couple…few…lol.

    Nail polish…that would be me, except I get the same kinds of colors over and over. The way I justify another purchase is by saying, “Well, it’s cheaper than a mani….” *smh*

    That happened to me last week@ bored with food. I selected a few new recipes from these daily emails I receive, made my weekly grocery run, and my life has been MUCH better. Healthy food and no eating out. Win! lol

  4. It only took three bags of Everyboy Nuts salt and pepper for Mel and I to figure out WHY we loved them more than the normal pistasios….

    Wish there was a Target close to me. Just bought my first cardian this weekend and I LOVE THEM!

    Umm….can’t help you with lovegirl…I don’t let the girls play in the yard without me being out with them…..and we share acres with close family….like my sister and my mom. Too many weird things going on these days. As long as I’m on the porch and can see them from there I’m good.

    We have vowed to try 5 new things for dinner this month and that is keeping things fresh…

  5. How can Rush Limbaugh talk about ANYBODY??? Michelle Obama is pretty fit/healthy and eating a dinner of ribs once in awhile is not a crime! I hate him! He who looked like humpty dumpty before the crack.

    Congrats on the new baby in the family! I know that scenario all to well 😦

    I was at Target today. I missed the sale cardies but fell in love with this purty purple one.

    As far as nuts go I read pistachios are pretty healthy in moderation something about MUFA. I didn’t know they came in flavors. Thanks!

  6. Congrats on the new niece/nephew. Hope they can get it together so you get to see it.

    As far as the food is concerned, I try to eat healthy but I don’t search it out. I hate eating helathy too. Bring on the cheese and cream!!

  7. Congratulations!

    Can you round up the neighborhood kids and get them all to play outside or on your driveway? Playing in a pack would ease my mind a bit.

  8. Wait a minute. Rickets??? Really????? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha Who’s slaying who now?

    I picked up a couple more cardigans myself and have the nerve to want some more. Ain’t that a blip?!

    I see both your and Smoochy’s points. Back in the day, we were free to roam without our parents having to worry (too much anyway) but times are different. Especially when yucky pedophiles are bold enough to do things to little girls in the restroom of restaurants. Some dude was arrested in LR the other day for doing just that this week. He should have his schlong cut off. Dirty bastard! *rant over*

    I hate Rush Lipbalm with the heat of a thousand suns.

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