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You Pick A Title – I Got Nothing

Lovegirl’s class is studying Mississippi.  For the last few days I’ve heard about white tailed deer, magnolia trees, and wood ducks.  Apparently they’ve been discussing music as well.  And my abusive tendencies.

Were you able to read that??  Yeah, it says “I get the Mississippi blues when my Mom spanks me.”  And the picture?  That would be me beating her.  Her bubble (she’s on the left) says “wah” – she’s crying.  My bubble says “what!” – which is apparently what I said the last time she got a write up.  That’s a write up I’m holding in my hand.  And that red thing?  Her “sore, red bottom.”  I’m expecting a call from CPS any day now…


28 thoughts on “You Pick A Title – I Got Nothing


    Well at least to me, I’m sure you don’t think it’s so funny……
    The bright side is that she is showing remarkable talent at expressing a story through her art. (does this help?)

  2. You know kids have the most active imagination and they stay getting parents in trouble with those stories. I had a teacher pull me to the side one day because 5 year old Duck had told her this horrible story about domestic violence in our house. What!! It was crazy. To this day I still dont know where he got that from.

  3. If you’ll sign the papers she can stay with us until you complete your anger management classes. This is retailiation for all those rules you keep imposing. LOLOLOL

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