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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

On Monday evening I was on the phone with my Mom, heading toward the school to pick Lovegirl up, when I looked in the rear view mirror and told my Mom “ugh, this lady is about to hit me.”  And then BAM!  I got rear ended.  Told my Mom I’d talk to her later.  The lady and I pulled into a parking lot (across the street from my job – I hadn’t made it far at all), called the police and waited.  Oh, and I ran inside the medical office whose parking lot was hosting us and got my insurance company to fax me proof of insurance.  Because I, ahem, hadn’t replaced my expired insurance cards yet…

So the first thing out of this lady’s mouth was….”I can’t believe I did this!  This is a brand new car.  A 2011.  It doesn’t even have 3000 miles on it.”  0_O.  Ma’am.  You just rear ended the hell out of me and all you can talk about it how new your car is.  I was like “yeah…”  She finally got around to asking me if I was okay (I am) and then asked what we were supposed to do.  So I called the police and then my insurance company.  I told her she needed to call her insurance company.

I’mma let you guess whose cell phone wasn’t working.  Yeah, so I let her use my phone to call her insurance company.  Then she asked me how she was supposed to get home as her husband was out of the country.  “I’m not sure…”

So we walk around, take pictures of the damage and chat a bit.  And she tells me at least 9 more times how brand new her car is.  I wanted to slap her.

The police finally come, take the report, and she had the opportunity to tell them how brand new her car is.  The officers just look at me.

They finish the report, the officer hands her her copy which she puts in her car.  He then hands me my copy.  She promptly asks him where her copy is.  He tells her he just gave it to her.  She says “oh, I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”  He tells her that seems to be her problem of the day.

We finish exchanging information.  She gives me a hug and thanks me for being so nice.  Sigh.

I headed off into the sunset to pick up my kid and whispered a prayer thanking God that really, all was well.

Did I mention that my coworker had her car stolen today?  She went out to leave for lunch and her ride was g-o-n-e.  Stolen from the lot somewhere between 8 and 12.

A little perspective is a wonderful thing indeed.


10 thoughts on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

  1. I absolutely hate car accidents because they take so much time with the police calling and the report filing and such. Glad you were alright though. That lady sounded a little nutty.

  2. Thank goodness you are ok lady. LOL @ the cop noting her problem of the day. Absent mindedness behind the wheel of a car is so damned dangerous!

  3. “She says “oh, I guess I wasn’t paying attention.” He tells her that seems to be her problem of the day.”

    Why are police such a.holes? True and hilarious, but a.holes nonetheless. Also, only in a southern Christian environment will people hug after a car accident. I love it though. I need some more of that warmth in my spirit.

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