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Thursday Thoughts

  • Big thanks to everyone who participated in our first book club meeting.  I enjoyed the discussion and hope y’all did too.  I hope to post the info for our next book tomorrow.  If you didn’t get in on this one, we look forward to hearing from you next time.
  • Thanks also for asking about me after that lady hit me with her brand new 2011 car. 
  • I was reading about the abuse of exclamation points, and clearly, I am an offender.  I am going to try to finish out March – yes, I know it just started – without using a single exclamation point.  Wish me luck!.
  • Smoochy had me rolling.  He was on the phone with one of his friends and his friend was saying that the lady who hit me should be thanking God she hit me and not Smoochy – she lucked up and hit Honest Abe.  That if she’d rear ended Smoochy he would have been rolling around on the ground, hollering about being injured and immobile and too psychologically scarred to work for a while.  I can neither confirm nor deny this statement.
  • Every time I do an orientation for students I feel bad when I look at the one Indian person in class when I call the roll.  Should I be pretending I think the blonde headed boy is Chanchaldeep Naeem??
  • Tuesday Lovegirl asked me how babies “got in there.”  I told her the mom and dad had s.ex.  I figure I’ve got another day or two (at best) before she remembers to ask me what s.ex is.  What, if anything, did/will you tell your children when they ask? 
  • I have a wedding to go to on Saturday.  I am less than enthused about it.  Add the fact that it’s going to take me an hour and four million dollars in gas to get there and I’m almost p.o.’d.
  • I’m trying to find some signature dishes.  Something that I’m known for – one sweet and one savory.  So far the only thing Smoochy requests on a regular basis is baked spaghetti and Lovegirl is always hitting me up for…a grilled cheese sandwich.  This weekend I’m going to try some teacakes and see if they wow them.  Not that I’ve ever had a teacake – they may not wow me.  We’ll see.  Are you known for a particular dish?
  • Smoochy’s birthday is Sunday – I’m thinking I’m going to cook him a roast, some mashed potatoes and maybe bake him a strawberry cake.  He’s been doing pretty well watching his diet and I don’t think all of that deliciousness will cause him to fall off the wagon.  I’ll be spending the rest of the day looking for roast recipes.
  • I heard an interview with W.acka Fl.ocka this morning on R.ickey Sm.iley.  Ummm, I didn’t know the boy really sounded…slow.  I thought that was just his stage “presence.”   I couldn’t understand half of what he said.  Moving on.
  • Holla. 
  • Do you know much more emphatic that “holla” would’ve been with an exclamation point?  This is going to be a long month 🙂

Have a great day.


19 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Before you embark with me on the Exclaimation Point Boycott, let me warn you that this has been a very difficult 3 days. I miss them. But I have gained a much deeper appreciation for them already. My boycott was only for a week. I don’t know if I could go a whole month without some kind of punctuation withdrawal.

    My signature dish is my sweet potato souffle. Well…it’s not mine, it’s my mom’s, but I have claimed it.

  2. My signature dish is a honey bun cake and this nacho dip. My dad requests the nacho dip ALLLLLL the time. There are 3 ingredients and it’s fool proof, yet, he will only have me make it. The honey bun cake? That is always a winner. I haven’t had one person not like it. Plus, I enjoy making it.

    Now you got me wanting roast. Gonna need to rectify that quick.

    Soon-to-be-stepson asked if people ‘mated’ to make babies like animals did. We said yes and left it at that. He’s 11. He had no more questions for us. How old is Lovegirl?

  3. I enjoyed it! I was researching possible books but it’s not easy finding quality black fiction! Did you use an exclamation point in the bullet point where you swore off of them?? LOLOL! I’m not givin up my exclamation points! They’re mine and I love them! I’ma pray for your husband! That he doesn’t hit anyone and no one hits him! LOLOL How do you do med orientation and have ONE South Asian? Now that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. Strawberry cake? Drool. I’m known for my peach/raspberry lemonade (I use whatever fruit I have on hand– fresh in the summer, frozen the rest of the year). Rashan pretty much likes every burger I ever make. You know Lovegirl is gon be on the playground educating folk, right? Gon head and prepare yourself for the call from the teacher. I think my mom answered our questions pretty honestly, too. My dad was giving her the side eye for that. LOL

    • Y’all are enablers. Punctuation mark enablers…

      Please keep him in your prayers.

      LOL. There’s 135 in each class – I do 6 orientations a year. There may be 10 or 11 in this year’s class. About the same as blacks.

      I need a good lemonade recipe. Please and thank you.

      Yeah, I think Smoochy about died when I told him what I told her. Oh well.

      • You won’t like my recipe. Prepare frozen lemonade from concentrate as directed. Add sugar until it looks like enough. I’m gonna say about 1 1/2 cups. Stir to dissolve. Add chopped fruit if using something large like peaches. If using frozen, don’t bother defrosting. Just break up the fruit a bit in the bag. Blend. Let sit for as long as you can stand it to let the fruity flavors combine. You can drink it immediately but it’ll be even better after an hour or more. mmmm

  4. Nope, I’m not giving up my exclamation points either!!!! Not even for one day!!! Take that K. Rock!!! *LOL*

    My signature savory dishes would be my lasagna and my stuffed mushrooms. Sweet would be my peach cobbler and my pistachio cake. High five to Love Girl! A grilled cheese sandwich is one of my favorite foods. I use whatever cheese I have in the house – gouda, muenster, swiss, etc. Just delicious!

    Yup, I heard Wacka talk in a clip that my little cousin posted on Facebook. **smh** Just sad!

  5. Haven’t commented in a little bit, but I hope you (and not the lady’s brand new car) are okay. I do HR for a company with a large tech department. I can’t pronounce half of the names of people who work there. My problem isn’t exclamation points, it’s ellipses…I’m not particularly known for any signature dishes. I can throw a fruit punch together that’s pretty good, and my (mom’s) cornbread is tasty.

    • I’m good – thank you. Ellipses are probably my second worst punctuation habit. Love them.

      We used to tell my baby brother that he was the best punch maker in the world so he’d make it for us. Really, it was just punch concentrate that we were too trifling to make. Once he figured that out, he was hot with us. I won’t tell you how long it took him to figure it out…

  6. You better tell her what sex is quick, fast and in a hurry before she goes to school and starts telling kids how babies got in there and then you get a note from the school. Oh LAWD, she might draw a picture. GO! GO! GO!

    My signature dish is my mac n cheese. Oh, I GET DOWN with some mac n cheese. I’d challenge any living person (my grandma included) to a mac n cheese battle. My family can tell when I don’t make it now andi t’s kind of rude. They’ll be like “Where is T? This is NOT her mac n cheese.” LOL!

  7. I need a signature dish for real. I keep saying I’m going to learn how to bake but never quite set about trying. I want Lewis to be able to say “No one makes XYZ like my mom.” Since he can’t really talk that much right now I figure I have a while. 🙂

    • Lovegirl is my motivation too. I want her to be able to request my “___” when she comes home.

      I’m actually a pretty good baker – because it is so precise and measured. But I don’t bake often because there are only three of us, and we don’t need to scarf down cakes, muffins and loaves of bread like that. I think I’m going to bake more often and bring most of it work.

  8. How can you give up exclamation points?!?!?!?!?!? Just wrong on all levels.

    There are some great books you can get for Lovegirl when you feel she is ready. “The care and keeping of you” is one book and I think it’s by American Girl and is great for younger girls. As she gets older there is a great book called “The Period Book”. For boys, there is a great book called “What’s Going on Down There.”

    Can you tell my BFF owns a bookstore? 🙂

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