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Wednesday Hodgepodge

  • Monday morning I picked up the rental car I’ll be driving until my car is fixed.  They told me I was “approved” for a large SUV since that’s the size vehicle I normally drive.  Um, no.  Gas is a gazillion dollars a gallon (shout out to Jameil) and I’ll take a mid-size vehicle por favor.  So I was all set to drive off in a shiny, red Chevy Malibu when I realized that my stature and the car didn’t agree – the steering wheel hit my knees/thighs every time I tried to turn the wheel.  Thank you Chevrolet for making me feel freakishly large. 
  • I’ll be riding around in a Jeep something-or-other for the next few days.  If, that is, I can actually remember what it looks like when I go to the parking lot.  Have I mentioned that I’m not much of a car person and very few vehicles actually turn my head?  I should’ve taken a picture.
  • Lovegirl was in a wedding Saturday.  After repeatedly telling me she didn’t want to do it and that she was too nervous, I was like fine and told the bride not to count on Lovegirl.  The bride asked if Lovegirl could just wear the tutu (yes, tutu) and take pictures and I said yes.  I’ll let you guess who went to the wedding, decided she was feeling it and stole the show.  Lovegirl is still giggling at the fact that the bride’s father told her she did a better job than the bride.  This is the same child who stood at the altar during Pserendipity’s wedding and cried like there was no tomorrow.  Sigh.
  • My dear sweet husband turned 39 on Sunday – we celebrated by chilling at the house all day long.  It was wonderful.  I cooked for him – pot roast, mashed potatoes, green peas.  He was happy as a clam.  Lovegirl was thrilled with the 3-layer strawberry cake.  I was just happy they were happy. 
  • I’m not much of a “server.”  I am all about self-sufficiency.  But I decided to serve Smoochy all day on his birthday.  Here dear, let me get that for you.  I’ll clear the table.  Can I get you anything else?  He kept asking if I was feeling okay.  I should probably try to be a little nicer a little more often.  Any time the offer of getting your spouse a glass of water is met with suspicion, it’s probably time to make some adjustments.
  • I also used our “good” dishes (Crate and Barrel v. WalMart) and put linens on the table.  Hmm, maybe something is wrong with me.
  • I’m breaking up with a work friend.  It has recently dawned on me that she’s a total user.  She only calls when she needs help, wants information, or wants me to hook her up with some of my hookups.  So, we’re still cool – but I’m not helping her out any longer.  Wonder if the phone calls will continue when she realizes this??
  • Does anybody bake?  Why are the bottoms of my cakes always burnt?  I’ve tried adjusting the heat/cooking time and invested in an oven thermometer (okay fine, it only cost $5), but I’m still producing burnt-bottom cakes.  Maybe I need new cake pans?
  • I haven’t been sleeping well lately.  Waking up at 3 a.m. and all kinds of nonsense.  Well last night I went to sleep shortly after 8 and slept the sleep of the innocent.  Until the tornado sirens started wailing at about 2. I was up all night watching the weather and listening to the sirens.  #sostankingtired.
  • I need some clothes.  I seem to have gotten a little too carried away with the whole cardigan thing and now 98.9% of my wardrobe is cardigans and tank tops.  I want something else  to wear.  What, if anything, are you refreshing your wardrobe with this season?
  • Speaking of cardigans, sometime last week I told y’all Target had their winter color cardigans – black, grey, crimson – on sale for $9.  Well now, they’re $4.  I bought a crimson one….
  • Since we’re on a fashion roll – I’m looking for a cute top to wear out next weekend.  Anybody seen anything?  Where?  If I can remember I’m going to go out to Char.ming C.harlie’s and see if they’ve got anything.
  • My work computer died yesterday.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to look busy without a computer to aid you in your ruse? 
  • Next week is Spring Break.  Once again I’ve totally failed to plan anything.  I’m thinking we’ll have a Friday Fun Night this week and maybe a day out during actual Spring Break.  Maybe next year I’ll plan an actual trip for us.  Something quick and easy – maybe New Orleans.
  • Tonight Jameil is in town again so she, Pserendipity, the kiddos and I are going to hang out and watch T.op Chef.  Should be fun – if I can stay awake.

Happy Wednesday.


20 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. Did I tell you that Lovegirl told me that she was only crying during the wedding so she wouldn’t laugh at me? Apparently, Saturday’s bride must have tripped her OUT!

    Tell the Smooch that Tim and I said Happy Birthday. But don’t mention that I was stalking his pot roast.

    I hear that this season all things shiny and glittery are in!

    I think your cake pans are just waiting until you can make a descent pie crust before they start to bake properly. Now make me one!!!

    • Oh, I forgot. Aidan wanted to get Smoochy some Bakugan for his birthday. But then he decided to just get Granny and Paw Paw to buy him some — thereby cutting out the middle man. I’m raising such a considerate young man.

      • She what??? Cried to keep from laughing? My kid is straight nuts. And no, she never told me that.

        Shiny and sparkly? Great, I’ll be a giant magpie. Aren’t those the birds that like shiny things? Don’t ask me why I know that…

        Yeah, okay. I’ll get on that straightaway. You’ll be sorry. Seriously. My pie crusts S.U.C.K.

        He’s so kind. And Smoochy would be thrilled with Bakugan. Tell G&P we said thanks in advance 🙂

        Oh Lord – I forgot about your stalkage. Do you still want it???

  2. Certain cars aren’t made for tall people. I feel like my head hits the ceiling when I get into my mom’s Camry…and I’m only 5’5″. I’m inspired to “serve” my husband now. Maybe I’ll actually make him dinner tonight. Have you tried flouring or greasing the bottom of the cake pans? Not that I bake often, but I remember this step. Blazers are the new cardigans.

    • It was good to step outside of our normal routine, but I don’t think I’ll be playing the role of server too often…

      I do flour/grease the pans. I’m thinking I need new pans. Or maybe I just want new pans 🙂

  3. You might have to have your oven recalibrated. We had to have ours done.
    Like one half of a roast would be cooked and the other half two shades from raw.

    Also try putting a container of water on the rack under the cakes. The steam will help ward off some of the burning. Be careful though…you don’t want a soggy cake.

    • Everything else comes out fine – including the bread I bake – it’s just the stanking cakes.

      I’ll try the water in the pan trick. Thanks.

  4. I’m all about cute dresses and cute jeans right now. I’m trying not to wear my tank tops and flip flops everyday like I usually do. *sigh* its not so easy those because that stuff is quick.

    • I’ve worn more dresses this winter than ever before in my life. Seriously. I kinda like them – maybe I’ll pick up a few for Spring too.

  5. For me I will be refreshing my wardrobe with blouses. Like feminine tops that have ruffles or neckties on them. Also anything I can find with stripes or polka dots. I love to wear cardigans with blouses underneath it with ruffles. Also, cardigans can be remixed over dresses.

    • I just bought a filmy little polka blouse the other day – can’t wait to bust it out.
      I already know you’ll come up with some really cute outfits – hope you’ll post some of them so that I can…borrow some inspiration 🙂

    • Okay, cupcake…you don’t know much about baking….I’ll check and see where my rack is – that could be it too. Thanks.

    • Seriously – if I had to get dressed without a cardigan these days, I’m really not sure what I’d put on.

      Thanks on his behalf – I really do think he had a great one.

  6. Lol! Your directions to “Look for the silver box” = hilarious! ROTFL @ Lovegirl! She was definitely herself this time and in full force! Awesomeness! Yes, new cake pans. Where’s my strawberry cake??? Dead @ a server! Do better! I woke up at 4:48am and started to call you! I was like I know ONE person awake right now… $4? Headed there TODAY! Can I tell you I had a great time at our Top Chef night? Awesome!

  7. You had a lot to say huh? LOL! My wardrobe isn’t getting refreshed, it’s getting remixed. I’m not spending money on clothes or shoes unless I absolutely have to. This year is about debt payment, maybe I’ll be fly[er] next year.

    “Any time the offer of getting your spouse a glass of water is met with suspicion, it’s probably time to make some adjustments.”

    I had to stop reading and come back after reading that line. Hilarious. Thanks for the honesty and the laughs.

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