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Joy and Pain – The Weekend Edition

Joy – Leaving work early Friday to hang out with the kiddo.

Pain – Chuck E Cheese with Lovegirl and every other short person out for Spring Break.

Extra Pain – Having to wait behind the velvet rope to get into Chuck E Cheese.

* * * * *

Joy – Two tickets to the Frankie Beverly/Maze concert on Saturday night.

Pain – Arriving at the convention center and realizing the show was canceled.

Extra Joy – Just hanging out with Smoochy, laughing and talking over drinks and Mexican food.

* * * * *

Joy – Having Lovegirl announce she added a new word to her vocabulary.

Pain – Finding out that word is bitch.

Extra Joy – Having her ask for a definition and then using the word in a sentence.  “Ohhh, I get it.  The devil is a bitch.”  (Totally my fault – when she learns new words I make her use them in a sentence to make sure she understands their usage.)

* * * * *

I leave you with this exchange we had Saturday night which totally brought me joy:

Lovegirl:  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

Me:  Um, honey, it’s not our anniversary.

Lovegirl:  then why are y’all going somewhere without me???

Anyhoo, we had a great weekend and I hope you did too.  Did you???


13 thoughts on “Joy and Pain – The Weekend Edition

  1. Chuck E. Cheese has a velvet rope? Does Janet Jackson know about this?

    Sorry about the concert. That’s jacked up.

    Bitch huh? And now for a musical selection……………………..

  2. Lovegirl! I, like InnerDiva, have a strong inkling where she might’ve learned her new word. Probably from the anniversary person who wrote this blog. *walks off whistling* LOLOL Not the velvet rope! I can’t!

    • Nerp! I don’t cuss much unless I’m talking noise or extremely pissed off. And I am so not a “strong” curser – I stick to the milder, more genteel words in the pack 🙂

  3. What’s up with Frankin dem? Cancelling concerts is not cool.

    LOL at Lovegirls’s new word. Glad she chose to call the devil a bitch and not someone else.

  4. Joy: Having Nerd Girl correctly guess BabyC’s name and wanting to reward her with her favorite chip
    Pain: Realizing Frito Lay no longer produces Guacamole Doritos
    Extra Pain: Being the one to have to tell Nerd Girl

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