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Shhhhh…Don’t Tell Anybody

I’m spending the day – yep, the work day – uploading pictures and making photo albums.  I have about 3 gazillion pictures – give or take – on various and sundry SD cards and I have got to stop the madness.  So today’s goal is to get all of these pictures dowloaded, albums made, and a few of the albums ordered.  I cannot believe how many pictures have been “trapped” on cards for years!

Are you good at printing pictures/making albums or are your pictures trapped like mine are were?

Have a great weekend – we’re going to spend Saturday at a festival downtown and Sunday at church – Lovegirl is singing at 9:30 services and the African Children’s Choir is performing that night – they’re awesome!


9 thoughts on “Shhhhh…Don’t Tell Anybody

  1. I’m spending the whole day doing absolutely NOTHING that I’m paid to do.

    My excuse…I didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m too exhausted to work. I only had enough brain power to get here and turn on the computer.

  2. I’ve been searching menus online for a lunch outing, FB’ing, playing games…..ya know, not working (too). It’s Spring Break week here so the usual’s are not here to pester me like normal.

  3. I have 1100+ pics on my SD card in my digital camera. I have printed SOME but that doesn’t even put a dent in it. I don’t want to delete any tho *sigh* My child is almost 17 months old and I haven’t made her baby book yet. That’s on my *to do* list for many of those pictures.

  4. I’m NOT good at any of that. I barely upload pics to face.bo.ok…even when people ask me to, lol. Great project…I shall add to my to-do list.

  5. That’s one of the negatives of digital photos. Back when I used to use a film camera, I got photos printed far more often. It was the only way to see how the photo turned out. Now, it’s been years since I’ve actually printed out a photo. I fear the death of the photo album book is looming.

  6. So I’m the only one who prints pictures? I was just at TarJhay yesterday printing pics for the baby’s scrapbook.

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