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It’s Thursday, I’m Random

  • I need spring to come back.  This gloomy, rainy, and cold weather is not the business.
  • Did I ever tell y’all that occasionally I pimp myself out?  I will sign up for a “compensation is available” medical study in a heart beat.  Most only pay 20 or 25 bucks, but I put that check in Lovegirl’s account and keep right on stepping.  Next on my list – a resting heart rate study which will garner me a  $20 WalMart gift card.  You had to be overweight to qualify.  Thanks much 25.7 BMI for getting me in.  Thanks a lot.
  • I simply must wash my and Lovegirl’s hair this weekend.  Color me unexcited.  I love my girl, and I love that she has a head full of healthy hair, but sometimes I wish she would agree to rock a low fade.
  • To my loc rockers:  how long does it take your hair to dry?  Do you sit under the dryer?
  • Anyone who sees me today would probably think that I got dressed in the dark.  I did.  I look a hot mess.
  • I couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up until 2 (maybe 3?) watching  Red Rock West – a movie about a sheriff who hired someone to kill his wife and the dude didn’t, but then the real killer showed up and it turned into a big old mess.  It was pretty good – full of twists and turns.  Of course it was the crack of dawn, so please take that review with a grain or two of salt.
  • Why do my coworkers insist on continuing to have pot luck lunches?   I.am.not.eating.your.food.
  • I lost four pounds last week. Yay!  And gained three over the weekend.  Boo!  Apparently, consistency is key. Who knew?
  • Smoochy brought me some pyramid scheme organic mocha drink.  It was disgusting.  Who is making money off of that???
  • I ordered my Mother’s Day gift – from Smoochy to me – yesterday.  He did real good this year 🙂

‘Tis all.  What’s going on in your world??


6 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, I’m Random

  1. I don’T mind the rain so much. I just want it to be WARMER! How bout I started missing you and P the other day. I’ve seen you more than most of the other long distance people I know in the last few months. It was becoming a regular thing! Please use lights when getting dressed henceforth and forever more. Thanks so much! Way to be there Smoochy! We surely appreciate it! 🙂

    • Well, since you’ve eliminated MS from your list of places in which to reside, I think it’s high time you come back for another visit!!

      Definitely no more dancing in the dark. I was ashamed 😦

      The man is alright with me!

  2. LOL at you lending your body to medical research. How do you even find that stuff? I never hear about it.

    I NEVER sit under the dryer. My hair is too long for that. For a roller set about 3 years ago, I had to sit under the dryer for 4 hours!!! And that was years ago. So now, if I want to style my hair (with rollers and such), I commit to one day to sit at home in my rollers. I also have big hats to go out in. But if I am not styling it, I always just let it airdry.

    Lost 4 lbs in a week. Yeah! Gained 3 over the weekend. Boo! BUt at least you can keep doing those studies.

    • One of the benefits of working at the hospital.

      Okay, that’s what I do too, but I was like really? Do I have to spend an entire day dedicated to my hair drying? And apparently the answer is yes…Do you twist with clips?

      LOL! But this will be the last one I qualify for as “overweight!!!”

  3. Insomnia is killing me lately…I watch Numbers most nites at 4am BOO!
    I’m afraid of the medical studies.
    Yaay for the weightloss! Boo for the weight gain
    OMG the potlucks! Gross! I would always buy takeout chinese and eat that!

    • I wonder why a whole group of us is finding it so difficult to sleep through the night??

      I only do non invasive studies. They can – monitor my heartrate, take my blood pressure, track my exercise and/or eating habits, etc. I never ever sign up for invasive ones. One wanted two or three “uterine scrapings” Not happening!


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