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WWYD – Mind Ya Business!

I’ll wrap this week up telling y’all what I’ve decided to do in all these cases…thank you for your comments/suggestions!!

So a relative is having surgery in the next few days.  From what I’ve gathered, she’s having a partial hysterectomy – uterus out, ovaries stay – because of issues with fibroids.

Now, I appreciate all the good that modern medicine does as much as the next person, but I’m not sure she knows there are options* which might help her control her fibroids – changing her diet, increasing her physical activity, embolization – which are nonsurgical and wouldn’t require her to lose her uterus. (Maybe embolization is considered surgery, I don’t know…)

So, should I say something about alternatives to surgery or just keep my mouth shut?  If you were the patient in this scenario would you want to be told?

* I researched fibroids when I learned I had them during my sonogram when I was pregnant with Lovegirl.  Mine have never bothered me, so I have no plans to bother them.*


15 thoughts on “WWYD – Mind Ya Business!

  1. I would ask her if she’s considered all of her options. I’d mention that I was concerned for her, so I did some research and there are alternatives (especially if she hasn’t had children). I would want to know, but I also think I wouldn’t rush into a surgical procedure without knowing all the available options.

  2. I would definitely ask her if she was aware of other options. I would probably personalize it and say something like “When I found out I had fibroids I did/found out this, this, and this. Have you heard about any of those things/options?”

    I would like to know ALL options and even the iffy ones when it comes to surgery.

  3. I had a partial hysterectomy (uterus) at 42. It was the best decision I ever made. And it was a WELL informed decision. I had many small fibroids that cause me to double over in pain monthly, and bleed like I was hemorrhaging. I almost couldn’t leave the house on day 1 and 2 monthly. My Dr. tried BC pills, and progesterone shots to control the pain and the flow for 1 year. They did not work. The other procedures may not have worked either because I had so many small fibroids. If your family member has a decent Dr. they have probably discussed all of the options. Fibroids are USUALLY not the problem. The pain, bleeding or dangers to fertility are the problems that fibroids can cause.

    I would just ask her why is it that she chose a partial hysterectomy, over other procedures. If she runs down a list of reasons then you can feel comfortable that she made an informed decision. I wasn’t offended when people asked me. Women need to discuss these things.

  4. I would mention to her that I have them too and that I’d done a lot of research on them. If she’s open to hearing about some alternative therapies, I think you’ll know. It is a major surgery and if it’s avoidable in her case, I imagine that she’ll want more info if she doesn’t have it already.

  5. I would ask her if she’s considered alternative options based on my own experience. However, I wouldn’t try to force my opinion on her.

  6. I’d mention the alternatives. I definately would like to know all of my options before I went through with something so drastic.

  7. Id mention the alternatives. My mom had the embolization done last year. Its surgery- you stay in the hospital overnight , and the recovery is quicker. She was back at work the next monday ( she had the procedure on a thursday)

  8. If she told you she was having fibroid surgery, then it’s fair for you to say, oh I had the same/a similar problem and I chose the non-surgical procedure because of XX and XX. People are more open to advice when it’s in fact, not advice and just you sharing your experience and expertise.

    If you heard from someone else that she was getting surgery, then don’t say anything. She may not want to discuss her uterus with the whole family.

  9. I’d mention it to her and tell her why you’ve had to read up on all that–and encourage her to join you in getting healthier. She’ll still make the right choice for her, but if the conversation helps put her on a healthier path over the long haul, that’s worth it.

  10. My mother ended up doing the surgery because the other options did not work. She tried them all, exercise, diet, etc and it did not change anything.

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