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Friday Randoms

  • I’m not saying anything about alternatives to partial hysterectomy.  
  • There’s a 99.9% chance that I’m going to the baby’s dedication.  Mostly because I don’t want “them” to be able to say that we aren’t supportive.  Moving on.
  • Okay, so I just started reading “Warmth….” last night.  And I’m already about 25% of the way through – it’s a pretty easy read, so if you haven’t started, no worries.  You can do it.
  • I lost those 4 pounds again!  Yippee!  Go go small girl what u gon’ do???
  • I just got in trouble at work for not making the faculty turn grades in in a timely manner.  Sigh. 


Yep, that’s it.  I’ve got to get to work sending emails to the faculty letting them know they didn’t turn in their grades…oh, the excitement of it all!  I hope you have a loverly weekend.  The weather around here is supposed to be great and I plan on spending some time outdoors.  Be blessed!


7 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. * I think you should mention something of the info you have about fibroids, partials, etc. I’m just saying.
    * Way to represent “our side”!
    * 25% in one night. Good job. I’m impressed AND depressed.
    * WooHoo!
    * All faculty are prima donnas. They never play fair.

    Enjoy the warmth of other suns in MS!

  2. Nope. I was all set to, but she never told me about the surgery so I figured it was not up for discussion.

    Yeah, yeah.

    LOL! I plan on knocking out a few more pages at lunch.

    Woo hoo indeed!

    Shhhhh! Pserendipity and Jameil can hear you!!

    Um, I think this is the sun I’m supposed to be escaping 🙂

  3. Wait. Baby shower? I thought it was a baptism. Did I read something wrong? Is this a twofer weekend? Because I def. don’t want you going 8hrs for a shower! Supportiveness be doggoned! I think I just have to go buy the book today if it’s not at the library. I so forgot again. Yay weight loss girl! I need the faculty to hold themselves accountable!!

    • My bad. It is a dedication/baptism. Off to fix…

      Do you have an ereader/smart phone? That may be your best bet – the book cost $30 at B.orders. Um, no. The e-book was $15.

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