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Monday Morning Randoms

  • Ugh!  My allergies knocked me out last week.  I spent two days at home medicating and trying to breathe.  I should’ve taken another day or three.
  • I kept one of Lovegirl’s classmates this weekend .  I won’t be doing that again any time soon.  She’s a sweet kid, but uh uh, that’s too much togetherness.
  • Saturday night she asked me if we could have Beenie Weenie for dinner.  Little girl, I don’t even know what that is, so no!
  • Did I mention that I further punished myself by picking up my two nieces as well?
  • We saw R.io.  Cute little movie.
  • Thankfully we didn’t have any damage from last week’s tornadoes.  Others didn’t fare so well.  One dude had his hamburger snatched up by the tornado.
  • Our taxes aren’t done.
  • Insomnia?  Sucks.  Last night I woke up at midnight and then again at 2.  I finally went to sleep at…445.  My alarm goes off at 5.
  • I called my youngest brother by accident.  We ended up having a really nice conversation.  Made me happy.
  • I’ve fallen off the workout wagon.  I’ve been watching what I eat, but I’ve got to kick the physical activity up a notch or two.  My goal for this week is at least three days of cardio – my lunchtime walks don’t count.
  • Wow.  Y’all are really passionate about sir and ma’am.  I don’t think I’ve ever had so many comments.
  • Starting in July I’ll no longer be paid monthly – the entire payroll is switching over to biweekly.  I have no idea how to make that work for our budget.  They keep telling us it will be great twice a year when we get an “extra” check.  I’m not convinced.
  • Yay for this short work week!  Lovegirl’s out of school Friday and since I have no one to keep her, I get a day off as well.  Can’t wait!
  • They’re building a F.ive Guys down the street – I’ve heard y’all raving about these burgers so I’m going to stop not eating beef and try one whenever they open.
  • I’m really trying not to spend much money on clothes, but I’ve got to buy two spring/summer dresses.  I’ve got weddings, baptisms, and church with my Grandma coming up in the next few months.  Pants just won’t fly.  I saw a couple of really cute ones in Dress Barn.  I have no desire to buy clothes from a store so horribly named, but if I can’t find something I like elsewhere, Dress Barn it is.  Dress Barn?  Really?

Ah well, have a happy Monday and a great week.  I need to catch up on all the work I missed being out last week.  Oh wait, I didn’t really miss much 🙂  Be easy!


22 thoughts on “Monday Morning Randoms

  1. TJ MAXX! I crush that store for dresses. Designer dresses for way less than the Department stores. Wow…I sound just like the commercial. LOL

    Also try Macy’s sales rack. I wear dresses all the time so I’m always on the prowl for a good sale price.

    Is it Monday again ALREADY?? I’m goning to have to write to Congress or the White House or God. Mondays need to be part of the weekend.

  2. Yeah, I don’t get that “extra” check theory. I mean I understand that on paper, there are 2 months were you will receive 3 paydays, but the way our bills are budgeted, it simply doesn’t change anything. **shrugs**

    Nope, our taxes are done either. Womp womp!

    Oh no! Insomnia for you too? This thing is spreading like poison ivy! Sorry man. I hope it passes quickly or was just a one time thing.

    Um, going from no beef to a Five Guys burger might make you feel sorry to be alive. Seriously. I think you might want to ease into it.

    I’ve been seeing super cute dresses (casual and dressy) at Ross and I 2nc OFP w/TJ Maxx.

  3. *I’m in the finishing my taxes crunch right now. This will be mailed off by midnite…hopefully.
    *When I worked at university the once a month paycheck killed me. I am so siked to be apart of the 2 paycheck crowd YaY!
    *Beenie Weenies were the best! LOL! Pork and beans and hotdogs yum!
    *I think Rio looks cute too…I wanna see it.
    *I co-sign with Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Macy’s clearance for dresses YAS!

    • Ours were done at 4. Ever since I turned the taxes over to Smoochy we have been some last minute tax doing people!

      It was really cute – the music was great!

  4. I had to get used to that too monthly to biweekly paycheck as well…

    Best advice?
    1. Add up the total of your bills.
    2.Save that total amount. (yeah….this was tricky)
    3. Divide the total by two. In July pay all your bills up front.
    4. Deduct the first half out of the first check of the month and set aside to pay. Same with the second paycheck. Now you can go into August will all the money for your bills.

    The only way I was able to save up a months worth of bills was to not spend any money at all other than basic basics for the three months prior. (I was never so glad to get a new pair of socks in all my days….I don’t miss the days of commision pay AT ALL)

    Ross is a GREAT place for dresses…..and I heart dresses from Dress Barn.
    Of course…..I’m partial to actual barns as well…so I may not be the best person to ask!

    • I’m going to read that three or four more times to see if I “get” it. Maybe you really can’t teach an old broad new tricks! 🙂

      Ross and TJ Maxx are definitely on my list of places to go. I never go in DB, but figured I’d give it a shot – I was pleasantly surprised. Actual barns – I’ll let you have those!

  5. Bi-weekly isn’t so bad. .I don’t know if I’d survive if I only got paid monthly. Insomnia? Welcome to my world–I’m up at 12, 2, 5, and 6:30. I don’t know if you have Loehmann’s or Annie Sez out by you, they’ve got some very nice, affordable dresses. I so wish I could fit them right now.

    • Monthly pay is all I’ve ever known. I’m gonna miss it.
      How long has your sleep been off? This is kind of new for me, I used to be able to sleep for…extremely long periods of time with no trouble at all. No me gusta!

  6. I like a biweekly paycheck. That means that I can pay some bills out of one check , and the other bills out of the next check. AND it means that I only have to budget my free money for 15 days , versus the whole month.
    Insomnia- yeah thats me. My circadian rhythm is all off. I can fall asleep at 11, up at 2. Go back to sleep until 4. Wake up. Then go back to sleep around 6-630, wake up at 8:30- 9. Sigh .
    Taxes are done- Im even getting a very small refund from both state and federal. Joy.

    • I think I’d feel differently if we got paid on the 1st and the 15th…I think. I’m not sure how the pay periods are going to line up with due dates…

      Yep, I’ve been “sleeping” like that too.

      We are getting a wee bit back from both as well. Gas money!

  7. I will have to come back tomorrow so that I can read the post in its entirety as I am completely outdone by the the hamburger snatching tornado. LMAO!!

  8. Whyyyyy hamburger man? Why? I know you’re a vegetarian and all but your beenie weenie ignorance disheartens me. *weeps copious tears* My allergies are being evil, too!!

  9. I haven’t exercised since last Wednesday. I’m jumping back on the saddle today.

    My friend gets paid monthly and hates it. She was a bi-weekly girl before she started working for the school district where she lives. The change may take a while to grow on you but I think you may like it once you get used to it.

    There’s a Five Guys in North Little Rock. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the place. I guess I’ll get over there one day to try it out.

    Funny that you mentioned Dress Barn. I went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to find that they sell more than just dresses. It reminds me a lot of Cato’s (the clothing and the store setup).

    You’ve never seen this commercial?

  10. I also get paid monthly but actually wish it was biweekly…then I wouldn’t have to go “stealing”…I mean transferring money from the hubbys account to mine at the end of the month. Oh well….

  11. This reminds me to add Rio to my Netflix queue. How’s getting back on the workout wagon going? I haven’t worked out since April 23rd. The last check-in for the #10lbChallenge.

    I’ve just been busy honestly, but I’m back in the gym the week of 5/23

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