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Well Dizzamn!

I know, I know, I’m supposed to stop cursing.  But I really think it’s justified…

Remember the little girl who spent the weekend with us?  Of course you do, I just wrote about it on Monday…

Anyhoo, the reason she spent the weekend with us is because her grandmother was going out of town.  For a girls’ trip.  The grandma and the other ladies get to Florida on Friday.  One of the ladies – who just so happens to be pregnant – complains that her stomach hurts.  They tell her to sit down and relax.  She sat down and died.  From preeclampsia.

I am not often shocked into silence, but when she recounted the story, I was rendered speechless.    How absolutely horrifying – for her family, for her girlfriends.  I just cannot imagine.


16 thoughts on “Well Dizzamn!

  1. I had preeclampsia w/ my son. It was the most horrifying experience. Before I went into labor, the doctors told my parents they’d do everything they could but there was a chance that 1 or both of us may not survive. Thank God we both did.

    • I’m glad that all worked out well. I’ve had a few friends who developed it late in pregnancy. I thank God this was not something I had to deal with.

  2. My mom had it with me. I had it with my first pregnancy, twins. I spent much of my pregnancy on bed rest as well as a weekend in the hospital and the month before my delivery in the hospital. This post just makes me want to ask so many questions. Its really sad.

  3. I am sorry to hear of her passing. I’m glad she was surrounded by friends at that time. I hope their fond memories will sustain them.

    Additionally, I encourage all of us to seize our moments to not only live life but enjoy it to its fullest!

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