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Picture Dump

I needed to free up some space on my iPod and make sure these pictures live on, so I stole this idea from Adrienne  – thanks ma’am!  🙂

Sorry for the wonky spacing – I couldn’t figure out how to make it better.

Somebody found my camera and was using it for her own amusement!


Big fun at the Childrens Museum


My handsome nephew. Gotta get to TX soon to see him!


My girl! My beautiful, brilliant niece.


What? Dont tell me Im the only one who sends nail polish pics to their Mom 🙂


Playing dress up. Again. She wore this (minus the socks) in a wedding.


My nieces - my Mississippi girls!


Spin art at the park. No honey, I dont think they sell these in the stores...


Me, from Lovegirls vantage point.


The birthday cake Lovegirl and I made for Smoochys BDay. All pink and manly 🙂


11 thoughts on “Picture Dump

    • Girl, my camera’s memory card is ridiculously full! If I ever did a picture dump from it y’all would probably never come back over here! I’m almost ashamed of how many pictures are being held hostage on it.

  1. First, I love that you think your toe pics need to live on for all eternity! LOLOL Second, yes! You are the only one who sends nail polish pics to their Mom! My mom would so not care! She doesn’t even care when I’m next to her showing her my polish! LOL That lady!

    • So…you’re thinking my tootsies don’t need to be preserved om celluloid? For shame!

      Go on send her a mani/pedi pic – she might surprise you 🙂

  2. Totally funny about the polish pics!
    That cake looked yummy! I am all about strawberry cake!
    Thanks for sharing! LG looks like a very happy kid! LOVE IT!

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