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Friday Randoms

  • While y’all are reading this?  I’m home with Lovegirl celebrating Good Friday and the schools being closed 🙂
  • Every once in a while, I’ll try a food I don’t like to see if I’ve changed my mind.  I still don’t like raw tomatoes, eggs, or rosemary.
  • Are y’all reading “Warmth…?” Uh huh.  See how you do?
  • We are actually getting tax refunds this year.  Not enough to quit our jobs, but we’re good for at least a few tanks of gas.  I will never understand how some people get thousands upon thousands of dollars back. 
  • Went through something this week that re-confirms that I married the right man for me.  That Smoochy is some kind of wonderful!
  • I wasted a few precious moments of my life watching the B.raxton reality series.  Those chicks need help. 
  • Y’all know I love to read right?  Right.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when movies are made that “mess up” a book I love.  I recently read that Tyler Perry is going to play Alex Cross.  Sigh.
  • The other night Lovegirl hopped into bed with me and I told her to get in her own bed.  She told me “according to my schedule, tonight’s a sleep with Mama night.”  Schedule?  Do y’all know that chick really has a schedule for which bed she’ll sleep in on any particular night?  Hers, mine, or in the guest room?!?!
  • Going to a surprise party tonight for one of my friends – can’t wait to put on my boogie shoes, wobble with it, and shake my body down to the ground!

My favorite song right now…

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Happy Resurrection Day!


6 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. Eggs & rosemary = two things I love! Sometimes raw tomatoes are wretched. Esp. outside of summer so I can get w/you on that. See what had happened was… I got extra busy and Warmth is extra long… and I started mad late… So… yeah. Also, yay for Smoochy!! ROTFL @ Lovegirl! Yay refund!!!

  2. I’m in a eerily quiet office as I read this. Seems as if the entire world took off except for me. =(

    I’m like Jameil – love eggs and rosemary. Tomatoes? Not so much.

    Bad Nerd Girl for making me think about TP as Alex Cross again. I had put the whole damn disaster out of my mind for a month or so. Just horrible casting. It took me long enough to “tolerate” Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, but at least he was a great actor (even though he wasn’t the character that Patterson wrote). TP? Just NO NO NO!!!

  3. I am trying to be open about Tyler as Alex Cross…Tyler has not really had to act (we see glimpses in some of his more mainstream film) so I am going to give him a chance. When I think of Alex Cross I don’t think Tyler…but whateves…I have been disappointed in the newer James Patterson stuff anyway.

    I knew I wasn’t going to read Warmth from the get go. In other bookclubs and that was just way to long to fit in.

    There are a ton of books to movies coming out this week! I am going to see Water for Elephants today…am hopeful I will enjoy as much as the book.

  4. I’m with the others – eggs and rosemary can both be delicious but every tomato I’ve ever tasted was nasty. It’s only as an adult that I began to like them in sauces…

    I actually finished Warmth. It was long but it was quick going.

  5. Wait, you don’t like eggs at all? WOW! Also, you get thousands back when you pay a lot of tithes and students loan interest… I do anyway.

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