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Dancing, Dancing, Dancing, Dancing Machiiiiiine

So Friday night Lovegirl and I headed out to my friend T’s surprise birthday party.  I’d been worried about finding a sitter for Lovegirl, but T’s husband assured me that he’d rented two rooms – one for the kiddos and one for the adults – and it would be fine to bring her along.

The kid’s room was decorated with streamers, balloons, plastic tablecloths and there were oodles of games and activities for the kids.  The adult’s room was dimly lit with round tables, floral centerpieces and a DJ.  Loved it!

So after people started showing up – around 9 for a surprise party that was supposed to start at 8 – the adults and children separated.  I went over to the grown folks’ side, sat down, and started popping my fingers.  Pretty soon the DJ decided to get folks on the floor and played the Wobble.  After that, the Cupid Shuffle.  Let me just take a moment to say – I am out of shape!  I don’t know if he had extended remix versions or what, but I was tired after two measly line dance songs.  He then threw on the Zydeco Bounce which I’d never heard before, but now know how to do.  Then.  Oh then.  He put on a song by Little Noo Noo (a local artist) and all of a sudden the room was filled with little kids sliding, dipping, and clapping.  All the little kids except…Lovegirl.  While all the other kids were following Little Noo Noo’s directions to a T, Lovegirl was, well, Lovegirl was floating around the dance floor doing what looked like a mixture of praise dancing and modern dance a la Alvin Ailey.

Everybody at my table was cracking up and talking about “well, you can tell which one doesn’t go to Jackson Public Schools.” I had flashbacks of being the only cousin who didn’t know how to do the Butterfly…

Pretty soon Lovegirl realized that she was jamming a little differently than the other children.  She came over and asked me to teach her the dance.  Child please.  I’ve never even heard this song before – I surely don’t know how to do the dance.  She went back to floating around the floor.  On our way home she asked me to learn the Little Noo Noo so I could teach it to her.  Sigh.

What’s a mama to do?  Pull that son of a gun up on YouTube and get to teaching of course.  So, if you’re wondering what Lovegirl and I will be doing for the next few evenings – after homework and before bath time, we’ll be learning the Little Noo Noo. Well, technically she’ll be learning it, I’ll be directing her moves.

Join us?

*I just discovered the child’s name is Lil Noo Noo. Consider this entry edited 🙂


8 thoughts on “Dancing, Dancing, Dancing, Dancing Machiiiiiine

  1. My son is the same way. We dont listen to radio with him because the songs are so blech for kids. So when he has a school dance he doesn’t know any of the songs that are playing. I actually dont mind it.
    But this is cute and kid friendly so y’all get to learning. It looks easy so it wont take long.

    • Most of the songs Lovegirl hears are from CDs we’ve made her or from my child-friendly Pandora stations, so I feel you. Though I confess she’s heard Nikki Minaj a time or two and likes her. No ma’am!!!

      By the time we learn this dance they will have moved on to something else!

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