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Miss Black America and Other Goings On

  • Shout out to everyone who participated in Monday’s book discussion!  I have really enjoyed discussing these books with y’all and I hope you’ll join us next month to discuss Miss Black America by Veronica Chambers.  How ’bout we meet here on Monday, June 13 to discuss?  Get to downloading, borrowing, buying and reading.
  • Went to the best box store ever today and bought a few things for Lovegirl. Jeans for $2.50, sweaters for $3, and mere pennies for socks?  Yes please.  I’m hitting those clearance racks again.  Tomorrow.  It didn’t seem right to miss Bible study because I was hoarding clothes for my short person…
  • God answers prayers.  Even the “little” ones whispered in the middle of the night.  “Lord, have mercy.  I cannot afford these airline tickets.”  How bout they were almost $300 cheaper today?  Thank you, Sir.
  • This week I decided not to turn on the television until after Lovegirl goes to bed at 8.  You would not believe how much stuff I’ve gotten done in the last few days.  Or maybe you would and I’m the only one shocked by how much time one *ahem* wastes watching NCIS reruns.
  • The Mississippi River is set to flood – in historical proportions – in the next few weeks.  I asked my brother why they couldn’t just siphon water out of the river and store it, or truck it to arid, drought plagued regions.  I thought the boy was going to hurt himself laughing.  I guess that’s why I’m not an engineer…of course, neither is he.  Please say a prayer for all those whose lives will be affected.
  • The other night I thought – but not really, but kinda – that someone broke out the pane of glass in our front door.  Of course, my cell phone was in my car in the garage, I was too scared to get my gun, too nervous to locate the bullets and just downright disgusted with myself.  So I sat up for an hour or so until I was convinced that I’d imagined the sound of breaking glass.  Do you know what an epic fail my inaction in the previous sentence was?  I’ve got to come up with a implementable plan should someone ever break in while we are home.  I told Smoochy my first choice would be to grab Lovegirl and climb out her bedroom window.  He told me he’d prefer I come out guns blazing.  Are we the only couple that has such sweet, heartwarming conversations?  Do you have an emergency exit plan in place?
  • I love: recent White House victories, the video of Mrs. Obama dancing with the school children, and President Obama clowning D Trump.  I have been listening to CSPAN videos at work and cracking up like I’m at a comedy show.

And I think I’ll end my randomly random list here.  Happy Wednesday  Thursday.  What’s cracking in your world?


28 thoughts on “Miss Black America and Other Goings On

  1. I started not cutting the tv on until my kids went to bed about 6 months ago. There is ALWAYS some housework or kidplay that needs to be done and since nothing comes on before 8 but reruns I decided to take that time to do it. It has made a big difference. I love it.

    You gotta keep that gun close! I’m all for shooting intruders.

  2. The kid went Mother’s Day shopping for me with this grandma last night giving me the privilege to waste 3 hours watching NCIS reruns. If not, he would have gotten highly ignored. I was in a trance with that TV and NCIS.

    We plan to ride to V’burg Saturday to see the water and maybe visit a few family members.

    I don’t own a gun but I am seriously considering purchasing one.

    • Be careful! I still can’t believe nothing can be done about all this water.

      I plan on going to the range – now that I know where one is (Clinton) and getting some practice in. Let me know if you want to go some time.

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  4. I’d love to read the book but think I might be too busy pushing to join the discussion.

    I like the no TV until 8 thing…i need to do that. The TV is always on, just as background noise. We even go to bed with it on. WE’ll have to cut that out before the end of the month.

    Come out with guns blazing. Defend your property!

    • 🙂 Push on. I’m so excited for you!

      We always have ours on too, but I am making a concerted effort to break away from that.

      You sure I can’t just bail???

  5. I’m going to try and do better for the latest book club read. I just added a memo to my phone so that I’ll remember the name and author when I go to the bookstore. Now I just need to set up a reminder to remind me that I added a memo about the book. #doingthatnow

    Yay for discounted airline tickets! I was sick at the amount ours cost.

    I was all set to go to Memphis this weekend to hang out with my mama. Well, until she told me she may be doing something. *side-eye* Anyway, even if she wasn’t I can’t or rather won’t be going now. A portion of I-40 W (coming from Memphis) is shut down (between Brinkley and Hazen) due to flooding from the White River. They are expecting the east bound lanes to be shut down by noon today. I’ve heard reports of it taking FOUR hours to travel the detour. So even if I could get there, getting back would be pure travel hell. And now with the possibility of the mighty Mississippi flooding? No ma’am.

    Emergency exit plan? LOL I’d like to think we do but we really don’t.

    • I’m sure you’ll bring a uniquely AR Gal spin to all book related discussions!! 🙂

      I didn’t realize they were shutting down parts of I-40. A flood of epic proportions for real. Sigh.

      You can always join Team Climb Out the Windows!

      • Oh! Mistah does sleep with a bat on his side of the bed. We have machetes and stuff like that but it’s in the other room. #fail.

  6. we didnt do TV during the week…just made life easier for me and I didnt care what they thought (I know that sounds harsh), but I got home at 6 and there was hw, dinner, baths and then time for bed…no time for TV. I can honestly say I’m not a big TV person unless it’s a sporting event – tennis, basketball, track, soccer.
    I live in Southern California and you’re supposed to have an exit plan in case of earthquakes – ours consist of picking up the orange folder and everyone running out the front door!
    I love the recent WH victories also…I told my daughters they must teach me that dance…if MO can do it, so can I.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    • I started the year off not allowing her to watch TV during the week, but somehow (ahem) it has slowly crept back in.

      I’m so learning that dance – and making it a part of my cardio workouts at home.

      Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

  7. I decided to stop watching the housewives and other trash TV. I’m amazed at how much calmer my spirit is. I was just thinking last night I need to reel in the TV time of the little dood.

    I sleep with a knife under my mattress, and I have a plan in my head should someone creep up the stairs in the middle of the night which does involve them dying. I hope Tim doesn’t decide to surprise me one day!

    What is a box store?

    • I’ve almost come to that conclusion. I’ve given up all but ATL – and by the time they roll back around, I may have given them up too.

      Lovegirl is back down to one thirty-minute program each week day. Weekends are still out of control.

      I don’t want anyone getting that close to me. Been there, done that. I’d rather shoot them. Smoochy knows to call if he’s coming home unexpectedly. Yeah, he may have found himself staring down the barrel of my gun once upon a time…

      You know, a big-box store – WalMart, Target…

  8. We have a burglar exit plan. The burglar will be exiting feet first in a body bag. I have bags ready for emergency exits but the kids aren’t trained yet.

  9. Oh goody! I was hoping we’d read a novel! I’m thinking about implementing an internet time limit for myself. I waste soooo much time online. It is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t have a burglar exit plan either. While I love the idea of you coming out guns blazin, locs flyin, I love even more the idea of you surviving to talk about it! Sounds like window it is. Yay God!

  10. I am team shoot first ask questions later. I keep mine locked and loaded!

    I am marking my calendar now for the book discussion. I was looking for a book to read this month.

  11. Welcome!
    I’m going to look into a lock for my gun – I think I’d feel better about having it more accessible if I had a safety on it.
    Glad to have you – I hope this book is good – the last three we’ve discussed have been awesome!

  12. Ok, I’m going to try to read this one and join the discussion.
    Team Bust a Cap!!
    I don’t watch tv in the evening because I’m too busy with kid and houselhold stuff, but during my sleepness nights, I get sucked in.
    I scored on winter clearance stuff for the little man too. I love clearance racks!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!!

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