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Twenty Five Ninety Nine

I am not allowed to buy Lovegirl’s tennis shoes.  Yeah, you read that right.  Not allowed.

I bought her first pair and Smoochy declared them the most horrid, cheap looking tennis shoes in the world.  I’m not big on tennis shoes – they’re all ugly to me.  But, whatever.  For the better part of 5 years, Smoochy has been the sole member of the tennis shoe buying committe.

This past Saturday, while we were out having dinner, Lovegirl told Smoochy she thought it was time for a new pair of tennis.  They decided to go off in search of a new pair of kicks.  (I finished my mango margarita and went home and got in the bed.)

Sunday morning Lovegirl couldn’t wait to show me her tennis shoes and her new flip flops.  (Should I tell you now that I’m not a big fan of flip flops either?  I’m not morally opposed to them, but not a big fan.  Anyhoo.)  Great – she had new shoes and I didn’t have to spend hours looking at shoes with her.  We had what F.ranklin Co.vey would call a “win-win” situation.

Later I told her to bring me the boxes so I could put them outside.  She brought the box and I noticed a price tag for $25.99.  I was pleasantly surprised at how little her tennis shoes cost.  Until I realized I was looking at the flip flop box.  Twenty five ninety nine for a pair of flip flops for a six year old child????  No. 

So I asked Smoochy why in the name of all that is good and proper he paid that much for a pair of flip flops.  His answer?  “I thought that seemed like a lot.” 

You already know – I packed those cheap little shoes back in the box and told asked him to take them back to the store.  Lovegirl and I rolled out to Tar.get where we found a mutually acceptable pair of flip flops for the low low of $7.

Guess who’s now the sole member of the flip flop buying committee?  $26 for some flip flops…never that!


7 thoughts on “Twenty Five Ninety Nine

  1. Girl I don’t like to spend $26 on my OWN flip flops!! Shoot. I like to wait on ALL shoes until they’re about that price. Originally $70+ and now for $21? MINE!

  2. Wow that flip flop price sound outrageous to me too! I spent 2 for 5 for all my flip flops at old navy! Judge me if u want. Lol

  3. I am a OldNavyFlipFlop2for$5 Stan! All day long. Part of the problem is my dog likes to eat them so I don’t want to buy nice flip flops…but the old navy would work for me anyway.

  4. Sounds like something my husband would do. I don’t think men realize what prices should look like for “children”…he keeps using himself & mens clothes as a pricing reference. …..I’ve been easing him into Target for the last year now.

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