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Wednesday Randoms, Published on Thursday

  • I don’t know why, but I confuse gospel singer Jo.nathan Nelson with South African singer J.onathan Butler.  Every time I hear a Jo.nathan Nelson song?  I think about what a successful crossover career he’s had.  Except for the fact that he totally hasn’t.
  • Lovegirl called Smoochy the other night to request permission to wear her new (seven dollar!) flip flops to school.  She presented quite the logical argument and was granted permission to wear said flip flops.  P, we may have a little counselor in the making!
  • I had a job interview the other day.  I asked God to only let them offer me the job if He wanted me to have it. 
  • I don’t like it when old, non-black people tell me how well spoken and behaved Lovegirl is.  I realize I shouldn’t feel this way.
  • Have y’all heard that Christ is coming back on May 21?  How do people come up with this stuff? 
  • Oops.  While trying to hash out my travel plans, I let the cheap tickets go.  Has anyone every used p.riceline?  Did it work?
  • I had a stank-ass slightly bad attitude about my job earlier this week.  So I went on a work strike.  Until I realized that my work strike very strongly resembled my full on work days and nobody knew the difference.  My bad.  I also realized that being stank wasn’t going to get me anywhere and I’d better work the job I have until my next one comes along 🙂
  • I cannot get into To.p Chef Masters.  Is anybody watching it?  I’ve tried.  I fall asleep.  I give.
  • I am wearing a black maxi skirt that I bought from O.ld Navy yesterday.  I may be in love.  Sooo comfortable!
  • Smoochy bought me a pair of slacks and a matching vest for Mother’s Day.  No sir.  I tried to be as gentle as I could when I told him I would be keeping neither.
  • The bath salts that Lovegirl made me for Mother’s Day?  I’ve been flushing them down the toilet a handful at a time.  Not only do I not take baths, but they smell a wee bit like moth balls.
  • Though it may not seem like it from the above two bullets, I had a great Mother’s Day! Lovegirl wrote me the most awesome poem ever.  It included a line about how I don’t even get mad at her when she breaks windows.  Um, is she trying to tell me something?  She’s never broken a window.  That I know of.
  • Speaking of Lovegirl.  Yesterday she rocked the biggest afro puff ever.  Yep, bigger than the last time she rocked the biggest puff ever.  See 🙂



And I swear, it looked more picked out and symmetrical when I was doing it than it does in this picture!

Have a marvelous day!


30 thoughts on “Wednesday Randoms, Published on Thursday

  1. LOL @ you flushing the bath salts down the toilet a handful at a time.
    I can’t get into top chef masters either. I don’t know why…I love that show.
    I feel like I should know at least one of the Jonathans you mentioned…I know neither…ah well.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Congrats on the job interview!

    I’m watching Top Chef and not really feeling it either. I feel like all I’m doing is rooting for the one minority that’s left. Plus, I don’t like it that the same chef that tried and failed to be Iron Chef on the Food Network, is over there on Bravo trying to be Top Chef. (Yes, I LOVE cooking shows!) I do love the new dreamy host though! 🙂

  3. I’m w/Aretha. I know 0 of those Jonathans but I’m still hilarified!! LOLOL I’m asking God for guidance on my own job prospects. The old others just smacks of The Color Purple. It’s one step away from calling her clean. WACK. Top Chef Masters isn’t that great this season but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. It’s mostly your inability to stay awake after 5:15. Check your windows! House, car, everything! LOL Her hair’s adorable!

    • I feel like next time you’re here I’m going to hold you hostage using only my iPod. Dear Lord, please don’t let anybody call her clean. I don’t think I have it in me to go all Sophia on ’em! Ahem. I’ve been staying awake until at least 8:25 lately 🙂 She hated her puff. Hated it!

  4. LOL at your work strike looking like a regular work day. You sound like me.
    I totally agree about Top Chef Masters. I was just talking about it today. I am about 3 episodes behind and I have no desire to catch up. The Masters are chosen for their culinary skill while the regular season folks have to have that and personality. Masters is bo-ring!

    It’s a 50% off coupon out today for Old Navy. I saw those and I may get one on the way home.

    I love the puff!

  5. I almost spit tea out when you mentioned the bath salts! I can only imagine the vest and pants ensemble, but everyone gets an A for effort! I can understand the feelings regarding the remarks. Some people are just ignorant and age is not an excuse. Hope the job issues work in your favor!

  6. I stopped watching TC Masters last season. Don’t have the same POP as the regular.
    LOL @ the two Jonathan’s. I know and love both. JB’s song, “Will You Love Me?” is one of my all time favorites.
    I keep seeing signs about 5/21 being Judgement Day. 0_o Hmm, oh yeah???
    Ha ha @ the “pre” broken window!! Love it.

    • Yay! If I had an award for Jonathan recognition, you would win! I asked her about the window. She says she hasn’t broken any, but knows that I would love her if she did. Uh huh.

  7. I am cracking up at the J.onathan mix-up, b/c it has happened to me as well, lol! When I downloaded one of JN’s songs, I looked at it and thought, “I don’t remember him looking like this…” LOL

    Congrats on the job interview!

    Lovegirl’s puff is FAB!

  8. Jonathan who? Nevermind.

    Call me crazy but I don’t trust sites of the Priceline variety. I’ve never used them though so I have no idea where this aversion comes from.

    Yes, I have heard about 5/21. If you see him, shout me out yo!

    I was just in Old Navy this past weekend and didn’t see the skirts. Our local store has been revamped since the last time I visited (last year sometime). I spent a majority of time searching the clearance racks. I plan on going back because there’s a shirt there that I should have gotten but didn’t. I’ll keep an eye out for the skirts next time I’m in there.

    I don’t think I ever watched an episode of TC Masters.

    Lovegirl is so pretty and has THE BEST personality! She would be the perfect kid to babysit.

    • Next time I’m your way, I’m rolling through your ‘hood blasting both Jonathans!

      I think it’s a bunch o’ bull. I keep putting in what I want to pay and it keeps suggesting higher prices. Um, I could just buy through the airline if I wanted to pay full price. Jerks!

      Will do!

      Thank you – you’re so sweet. And um, if you’re looking for short company, I got you!

  9. Love the afro puff!

    I think the Mayan calendar ends on May 21st 2011 and there is another calendar that suggests this year as the end. We are all born to die, I know I have to do it and the

      • I got distracted and didn’t finish. I don’t think the date for the end of the world matters much since we will all die. Focusing on the date the world ends is just a distraction.

        I thought folks were supposed to have their souls ready not earthly possessions so I can’t figure out what’s going on.

  10. I love the puff !
    I have heard that Jesus is coming back on Saturday- I dont think so. “No man knoweth the day or the hour – only the Father himself” (matt 24:36)
    LOL at the two Jonathans. JB – love when he plays the sax. JN – I get happy when I hear either him or his brother sing

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