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I’m Thinking She Should Watch More TV

Sunday night I walked into my room to find Lovegirl in my bed posted up with a book.  My book.

Nerd Girl:  Um, Lovegirl, what are you doing?
Lovegirl:  Reading.
NG:  Why are you reading my book?
Lovegirl:  It was here.
NG:  Lovegirl, that book is not for children.  It is for adults.  You need to read the books you get from the library or that we buy for you.
LG:  Oh I know it’s not for children.  What’s a heifer? 
NG:  It’s another way of saying cow.  It’s not a nice thing to call anybody.
LG:  That other word you told me not to say is in here too.
NG:  What word?
LG:  Bitches.


17 thoughts on “I’m Thinking She Should Watch More TV

  1. LOLOL I used to read my mom’s way over my head books all the time!! This is how I read “The Bluest Eye” in 4th grade. Everyone is appalled when they hear that. LOL As well they should be. Just be glad you weren’t reading Zane like you usually do!

  2. funny!!!! at least she’s reading. maybe you can leave some children’s books on your bed for her to read. I love to see children reading, so i’m never going to say go watch tv. i read all sorts of books at a young age – but i would never dare to ask my mom anything.

  3. I mean….you walked right into that one…..

    I can’t blame her. In the third grade, we used to be able to “bring a word to school” and get extra points if we could give the definition, use it in a sentence, and of course…spell it.

    My word?


    Funny…. after that, I never saw another Harlequin Romance laying around.

    Lovegirl cracks me up!

    I used to sneak and read grown up books when I was little. And I often told on myself by asking for a definition of some very adult words. 🙂

  5. Hilarious ! I used to love to read my mama’s books LOL. I still remember the look on both her and my grandmother’s face when I asked my mom, what is an o.rga.sm ? LOL . Their reaction is what made me even more curious !

  6. I just really laughed out loud. I want you to know that I have been in the airport since 1:30 and it’s currently 8 p.m. and your blog is giving me new energy. Darn these flight delays, but yay for funny children!

    • Hey now! I honestly don’t know. It was a cheapo book that I picked up at WalMart and donated to the hospital as soon as I finished reading it. It was pretty bad.

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